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Careers Symposium - Wednesday 09 January 2019

Usha Aryal Abstract

From Biosciences to Banking.

Usha's talk will encompass her journey in switching careers from Life Sciences to Finance. In particular, it will highlight the importance of transferrable skills acquired through an academic career and how that can be of value to other industries. She will discuss her role as a market risk manager and career expectations in an ever changing Finance industry.'

Munisha Smalley Abstract

The Big World of Small Biotechs.

Doing a PhD does not need to limit you to a lifetime in academia. Your invaluable training lends you to a world of opportunities. If research is still what you love to do but you crave a need to see your endeavors materialize faster than can be possible in academia then the small biotech world might just be what you're looking for.

Zoe Stephenson Abstract

My journey to consulting and then my journey in consulting.

Since joining Cambridge healthcare research as an Associate I have worked with the world biggest pharma companies contributing to their global commercial strategy. I have gained rapid career progression managing projects, people and accounts. I will discuss what it takes to be a great consultant and answer any questions on how to get there.

Dr. Jinli Luo Abstract

Dr. Jinli Luo has a medical background and a Ph.D in biochemistry.  With fast development of the high throughput technology ,e.g. microarray and next-generation sequencing techniques in the last decade, there are huge amounts of biological data produced which need to be processed and explored.  Bioinformatics as an interdisciplinary field has become an important part of many areas of biology and medical research. She will talk about her experience how she made her career change from being a lab scientist to becoming a Bioinformatician.

  • What prompted her to make the change
  • How difficult it was to make such change
  • What pros and cons there were to her career change
  • What she would do differently


Professor Dave Lambert

Fighter Pilot, or not; path to a career in academia.

The path to a chosen career is often not straight and that career might not be the one that was intended! I will cover my path to a career in academia as a ‘failed fighter pilot’; my original plan from age 6-16. Having done remarkably badly at O-level, and then failed aptitude tests for Aircrew-RAF at 16 everything seemed to go belly up! I had no plan-B. So now begins a story of opportunity – my biology teacher captured an interest and an aptitude I didn’t know I had and I ended up with a 1st Hons in Biological Sciences. A chance meeting with one of my tutors led to opportunity 2 – an offer of a PhD if I agreed then and there; why not ? I ended up with a PhD and also my first major academic kick; I expected to get a lectureship and I didn’t. Onto the post-doc train and was lucky to come off by taking a gamble with Anaesthesia – that worked out and with an open mind and an ethos of seizing opportunities I’m now a senior academic. It’s not been easy but the ride has been mostly enjoyable. My presentation will centre around being open minded, collegiate, making the most of opportunity and finding a good mentor(s).

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