Departments join forces to target oil and gas industry

--- The University of Leicester is positioning itself as a major research partner to businesses in the petroleum, gas and unconventional fuels industry, including shale gas. ---


In a joined-up approach, researchers across five departments have pooled their research competencies to show the industry that Leicester is perfectly placed to address the scientific, technological and social challenges associated with the development of the oil and gas industry, providing evidence-based research to aid decision making.



PETEX 2014: Departments join forces to target oil and gas industry



The group is announcing its presence this week at PETEX 2014, one of the UK’s largest exploration and production events held at London’s ExCel Centre. The aim is to forge closer collaborations with stakeholders, industry and government to help address the technological and environmental challenges associated with finding viable reserves, modelling, monitoring and managing environmental and geological impacts, and improving public understanding.


Under the heading ‘Science for the Responsible Management of the Environment’, the group includes academics from Geology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, and Mathematics.


Professor Mike Lovell (Geology), Professor Sarah Davies (Geology) and Professor Paul Monks (Chemistry) have been instrumental in bringing the group together along with Will Wells from the Enterprise and Business Development team.


Prof. Lovell explains: “It was clear that the University has a great deal of expertise across a number of departments that can be applied to investigating the scientific issues of concern. By coordinating our efforts, we have been able to show that Leicester is a serious contender for providing evidence-based scientific studies and can be called on to help society address a number of technological and environmental challenges through research, consultancy and training.”


Will Wells, Business Development Manager, added: “The global demand for sources of energy continues apace. But there is a difficult balancing act to achieve between the needs of consumers and national economies for reliable, consistent and sustainable sources of power and the need to deliver it in a safe and environmentally sound manner.


“The group at Leicester fills this gap offering companies help to research and develop renewable energy or methods to safely extract fossil fuels, underpinned by responsible, quality science.”

























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