Call for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: User experience (UX)

--- Call for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in the area of user experience (UX): Better interactions between people and machines ---

Innovate UK is to invest up to £1m in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships looking at user experience (UX). The funding competition is now open for applications until noon on 15 April 2015. 

The aim is to encourage new, enhanced forms of interaction between computing systems and the people who use them. Proposals may address technologies that contribute to these new forms, such as sensing information about the user, or those that iKTP user experience callmprove specific types of experience, such as mobile and wearable devices. Innovation could be in underlying technologies, in combining emerging technologies, or in employing tools to improve the user experience.

Examples of such innovations include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensors and interactions: Eye tracking, emotion-sensing, advanced gesture tracking, haptic interfaces, expression analysis, voice/speech
  • Wearable technology: Devices/clothing worn outside or on the body, in contact with the skin or embedded within the body
  • Mobile user experience: Supporting natural and easy interactions on the move
  • Multiple device user experience: How seamless co-operation among various devices can enhance the user experience
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches: Methods and tools to involve non-ICT experts in user experience design, including artists, anthropologists and psychologists
  • Brain-controlled computing: Practicality – such as when user is wearing protective headgear, such as in sport, construction and cycling
  • Combinations of emerging technologies: Short-range, ad-hoc wireless technologies or application performance management tools.

Next steps

Please contact Benoît Welch (Knowledge Transfer Executive) at or 0116 252 5864 to register your interest in this funding or if you have any queries.

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