Staff Suggestion Scheme

The staff suggestion scheme is open to any member of staff working for Campus Services.

We are looking for ideas that will benefit Campus Services by:

  • generating new business and income
  • improving existing services to customers
  • improving efficiency and effectiveness of what we do
  • cost-saving

You should submit ideas that do not relate directly to your own job. Anyone who puts forward an idea which is then implemented will receive a financial reward, ranging from £20 to £100. All submissions are considered by a panel comprising senior managers from the division, and all entrants will receive feedback on whether their idea will be taken forward or not.

Ideas that are put forward should be reasonable in terms of cost of implementation; whilst not wishing to deter anyone from making a suggestion, in the current financial climate it may not be possible to implement ideas which have significant monetary implications.  Equally, none of us work in isolation and on occasion, one person’s solution may in turn create problems for others further along the line.

How to submit an idea

You should submit your idea using the Staff Suggestion Scheme form. For those without internet access, hard copy forms will be available where you sign in for work. If there are no hard copies available, please ask your line manager and they will print off a form for you.

Please make every effort to explain your idea clearly and concisely, and think about the benefits implementing it would bring to Campus Services.

When you have completed the form, please send it to Shika Patel, Stamford Court. You can also submit the form by email at

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