What is Think: Leicester?

Think: Leicester provides a platform for thought leadership and informed opinion to allow opportunities for discussion, debate and discourse from the academic community. Think: Leicester will give researchers at the University of Leicester the opportunity for reaction and engagement on topical news items.

If you are looking to express your thoughts and expertise on topical news, Think: Leicester.

How is Think: Leicester different?

At the University of Leicester we’re proud of our reputation for our research advancement and discoveries. We’re respected worldwide for combining world-changing research with passionate and inspiring teaching, and for our commitment to widening participation and an inclusive academic culture.

Think: Leicester aims to be the first place for the media to seek expert comments on topical news and global challenges from our academics. As the University believes in sharing and engaging our thoughts with the local and wider community, the University has joined other leading universities across the UK partnering with The Conversation to post thought-provoking comment pieces to an international audience. Think: Leicester will host topical thought leadership pieces from media outlets and opinion pieces written by academics and experts from the University.

The independent views and opinions presented in Think: Leicester do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Leicester and are those of the academic who has authored the piece.  Our academics are active researchers and are world-leading experts in their fields.

Why write for Think: Leicester?

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans from the Centre for Medical Humanities has provided the below testimonial about the benefits of opinion piece writing:

"I’m not sure when the passion for writing opinion pieces first ‘got a hold’ of me. I can trace the idea back to a conversation I had with Alex Phillimore in the Press Office over a year ago now. We were talking about a completely unrelated press issue. Nevertheless, bit by bit over the course of our discussions, he planted the idea that I might like to write for The Conversation and other opinion piece platforms.    

"To say I have ‘gone on a journey’ is such a hackneyed metaphor for my new writing experience that I hesitate to use it. Nevertheless, it seems the most appropriate phrase to use. I’m the kind of writer who will use 10 words when only 1 will do.  Writing opinion pieces has forced me to write with brevity, to write fast in response to whatever is topical, and also to express ideas without the support of the arcane lingua franca of my own background in philosophy. 

"This new skill, I notice, is feeding back with great effect into my more academic writing. The articles are tweeted about and shared, opening an audience for my ideas that was previously unimaginable to me. My articles have been featured by the Huffington Post and the Independent and I have been interviewed a number of times on the radio as well, which has helped to communicate my research to larger audiences.

"From my personal experience, I would recommend working with the University’s Press Office and to have the confidence to express your academic opinion."

How do I pitch an idea for an opinion piece?

E-mail the News Centre with a short summary of your idea. Avoid sending completed articles in the first instance so that we can ensure that you follow the guidelines for the relevant outlet (The Conversation, Leicester Mercury, etc).

Find out more about the submission process for Think: Leicester and other opinion pieces.

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