Blog Entry The best books on Anthropocene Oceans
Geologist Professor Jan Zalasiewicz discusses the danger posed to oceans by the Anthropocene – and how we can work together to protect them
Blog Entry We can use colour to communicate how we feel – here’s how
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Nuala Morse discusses ways in which we can use colour to develop non-verbal approaches to assess mood and well-being outcomes
Blog Entry Antibiotic resistance fight could get a little help from ants
Dr Rob Hammond and PhD candidate Charlie Durant from our Department of Genetics and Genome Biology discuss how scientists are on the hunt for new ways to attack harmful microbes
Blog Entry Astronauts: Have You Got What It Takes? My journey to being selected as the BBC show’s final candidate
Dr Suzie Imber, Associate Professor in Space Physics at the University of Leicester, has been interviewed by Womanthology about her research, her role at Leicester and her passion for space
Blog Entry Descended testicles: DNA study drops new hints on secrets of low hanging glands
In an article for The Conversation, PhD student Neil Adams discusses how 'molecular fossils' in the DNA of elephants could help explain why their testicles are inside their bodies
Blog Entry How Ethiopia and Kenya have put a world heritage site in danger
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Sean Avery from our School of Geography, Geology and the Environment has discussed how Lake Turkana's status as a World Heritage Site hasn't protected it from environmental threats
Blog Entry Coral reefs are at risk from rats that have invaded nearby islands
In an article for The Conversation, Professors Mark Williams and Jan Zalasiewicz explain how new findings from the Chagos Islands are a perfect parable for the Anthropocene
Blog Entry The Meg: the ocean’s fossil record is a treasure trove for potential monster movies
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Tom Fletcher discusses how Megalodons are the latest Hollywood monster to leap out of the fossil record - and questions what else is lurking in prehistoric seas
Blog Entry Hothouse Earth: our planet has been here before – here’s what it looked like
In an article for The Conversation, Professors Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams and PhD researcher Thomas Hearing discuss what can we expect from our future climate after looking at the 'Hothouse Earths' of the past
Blog Entry AI doctors and engineers are coming – but they won’t be stealing high-skill jobs
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Leandro Minku and Professor Jeremy Levesley discuss how Google DeepMind software can diagnose eye conditions as well as human doctors – and why the medical profession should welcome this
Blog Entry Confused about who to believe when information clashes? Our research may help
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Eva Krockow, Professor Andrew Colman and Dr Briony Pulford outline how, as long as there are no hidden agendas, it is surprisingly simple to reach the right decision when faced with contradictory information
Blog Entry Freshers’ week: how to make a good first impression
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Diana Pinto has discussed support for students starting at university
Blog Entry Here’s how the ‘brightest’ object in the universe formed
In an article for The Conversation, Professor Andrew Blain has discussed how galaxies are formed
Blog Entry Plastic is now part of our planet’s fabric – a scientist and archaeologist discuss what happens next
In an article for The Conversation, Honorary Research Fellow Matt Edgeworth contributes to a discussion on the impact of plastics on the future the planet
Blog Entry How chickens became the ultimate symbol of the Anthropocene
In an article for The Conversation, Carys Bennett, Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams and Richard Thomas discuss the impact of the broiler chicken as a marker of a new geological epoch
Image Chicken
Blog Entry Blighty can't just ctrl-C, ctrl-V plans for Galileo into its Brexit satellite
Dr Bleddyn Bowen talks to The Register about the UK's plans for Galileo

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