Blog Entry Dawn of the Anthropocene: five ways we know humans have triggered a new geological epoch
Professor Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams discuss ways in which the human impact on the planet can be seen
Blog Entry How Black Holes Shape Galaxies
Professor Andrew King discusses the science behind black holes
Blog Entry Exciting missions that could unlock secrets of the solar system in 2016
Professor John Bridges outlines questions about our solar system waiting to be answered this year
Blog Entry Cycling should take a lead from F1 as hidden motor scandal emerges
Dr Charlotte Smith discusses 'mechanical doping'
Blog Entry Gravitational waves offer glimpse into the past – but will we ever catch ripples from the Big Bang?
Professor Andrew King discusses the LIGO experiment to detect gravitational waves in space
Blog Entry RRS Boaty McBoatface: life aboard a scientific research vessel
Dr Sally Morgan discusses how research ships around the world help answer big scientific questions about our planet
Blog Entry The World that Management Made
Professor Gibson Burrell discusses Robert MacFarlane's recent article in the Guardian on The Anthropocene and why it deserves attention
Blog Entry STR Trek: the Next Generation
Dr Lisa Smith and Professor Mark Jobling discuss Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys's discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its lasting impact
Blog Entry Jupiter’s aurora: the most powerful Northern lights display in the solar system
Research postgraduate Rosie Johnson discusses how the Juno mission will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to study the most powerful aurora in the solar system
Blog Entry Juno and the University of Leicester
Dr Leigh Fletcher outlines the University's long history of involvement in cutting-edge space research over the last five decades
Blog Entry NASA’s Juno arrives at Jupiter to lift its cloudy veil – but first it must survive the hostile environment
Dr Leigh Fletcher discusses the ambitious Juno mission and some of the perils the spacecraft will face on the way to Jupiter
Blog Entry Soaring with the Global Hawk
Last year a new UK-made atmospheric science instrument flew for the first time on NASA’s Global Hawk unmanned aircraft. Hartmut Bösch and Paul Palmer describe how it got there – and how it will help scientists understand the way greenhouse gases are transported around the world and where they are being emitted and absorbed.
Blog Entry When it rains...
Dr Leigh Fletcher appeared on this month’s episode of BBC Sky at Night to discuss Juno’s goals at Jupiter, and describes the importance of Jupiter’s water in this new post
Blog Entry The New Archaeology of Primates
Dr Huw Barton discusses how both Capuchins and Chimpanzees are showing evidence of using tools, problem solving and more, lifting the lid on a new field of archaeology
Blog Entry The Birth of Giants
Dr Leigh Fletcher discusses how Juno could revolutionise our understanding of the origins of Jupiter via gravitational mapping of its internal structure.
Blog Entry Hot hot hot, above the Great Red Spot
Henrik Melin from the Department of Physics and Astronomy discusses the upper atmosphere of Jupiter
Blog Entry The Jupiter Time Capsule
Dr Leigh Fletcher discusses our understanding of the giant planet and its bulk composition
Blog Entry Expert reaction to study looking at air pollution and survival in people with lung cancer
Professor Michael Peake discusses new research suggesting pollution may shorten lung cancer patients' lives in Science Media Centre expert comment
Blog Entry "Our results are important in developing efficient breeding schemes for better bees"
Dr Eamonn Mallon discusses declining bee populations and genomic imprinting
Blog Entry First, wonderful, glimpse of Jupiter
Henrik Melin discusses the recent images released by NASA of Jupiter's auroras
Blog Entry What’s happening in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere down at the equator?
PhD student Rosie Johnson discusses the many aspects of the Jovian aurora which remain to be discovered
Blog Entry This new fingerprint technique could revolutionise the way we solve gun crime
Dr John Bond OBE discusses his refined technique for cracking gun crimes
Blog Entry The spacecraft that came before Juno
PhD student Henrik Melin discusses the Pioneer 10 spacecraft which visited Jupiter decades ago
Blog Entry Get ready for ESA's white knuckle descent to the red planet
Professor Mark Sims discusses the Mars-bound Schiaparelli craft and its scheduled landing on the surface of Mars
Blog Entry It’s been a turbulent start, but Juno is now delivering spectacular insights into Jupiter
Dr Leigh Fletcher discusses the future of the Juno mission going into 2017

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