Why it's always 'Russia wot dunnit'

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In an article for Spiked, Dr Tara McCormack examines the idea of Russian influence in American and European politics

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Dr Tara McCormack, from the School of History, Politics and International Relations, examines claims of Russian interference in politics in Europe and the US in an article for Spiked.

In the article, 'Why it's always 'Russia wot dunnit'', Dr McCormack said: "Blaming Russia is a ‘get out of jail free’ card for struggling political elites."

She added: "The Russia blame game is really an abdication of political responsibility. Verhofstadt might feel better thinking Putin was behind Brexit, but that’s not going to make the EU’s problems go away. And Democrats might feel better thinking Putin is behind the rise of Trump, but that doesn’t change the fact that millions of American voters have come to despise the Democratic Party. There are sections of Western political and media elites who would rather do anything, including escalating a conflict with a military superpower, than engage with their own publics. It seems that the real enemies of Western democracy are not within the Kremlin, but within our own political elite."

The full article for Spiked is available here

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