'Demystifying Trump's Confounding Statements About Nuclear Weapons'

Posted by es328 at Jan 30, 2017 10:05 AM |
Dr Andrew Futter discusses President Trump's contradictory statements about nuclear weapons in World Politics Review article

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Dr Andrew Futter, of the School of History, Politics and International Relations, has written for World Politics Review in an article titled 'Demystifying Trump's Confounding Statements About Nuclear Weapons'.

In the article, Dr Futter said: "While often inchoate and contradictory, Trump’s recent comments about strengthening and expanding U.S. nuclear capabilities, apparently welcoming an arms race with Russia, and possibly encouraging allies to develop their own nuclear deterrent have all caused great concern among defense analysts and foreign policy professionals, not to mention many within the U.S. government. Given the enormous stakes involved, it is worth demystifying some of what Trump has said and putting this nuclear debate in context."

He added: "Trump must come to grips with the subtleties and nuances of managing nuclear weapons and nuclear politics as soon as possible."

The full article for World Politics Review is available here.

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