Brexit briefing: Rights to Remain after Brexit

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Professor Bernard Ryan, from the School of Law, has discussed the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit

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In an article for Free Movement, Professor Bernard Ryan, from the School of Law, has discussed the post-Brexit rights of residence of EU citizens living in the UK.

In the article, Professor Ryan said: "The core reason to protect the right to remain of existing residents is fairness. EEA+ nationals and their family members who live in the United Kingdom will typically have substantial family, personal and work connections here. They will have built their lives in Britain in the reasonable expectation that their residence was protected by EU law, and that it would continue to be so. In the case of nationals of EU-27 states, moreover, they will have resided in the United Kingdom on the basis that they were exercising a core right of EU citizenship.

"There are also pragmatic economic arguments for protection. The most recent data show that there were 2.3 million EU-27 nationals in employment in 2016, who made up 7.1% of the employed work force.[xi] It would risk severe problems in the labour market if any significant part of this group were removed from the workforce through restrictions on their right of residence or their right to engage in economic activity."

The full article for Free Movement is available here

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