Brexit as a backlash against 'loss of privilege' and multiculturalism

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Dr Ipek Demir discusses multiculturalism in relation to Brexit in an article for Discover Society

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Dr Ipek Demir, Associate Professor, from the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, has written an article for Discover Society titled 'Brexit as a backlash against 'loss of privilege' and multiculturalism'.

In the article, Dr Demir said: "The ‘I want my country back’ sentiment, which the Brexit camp led, is inextricably linked to this loss of privilege and resistance to the multiculturalist ethos. The deep yearning for a ‘Great Britain’, is in fact not a yearning for a place, but for the past, for the great old days when white Christian Britain sat at the top of the table.

"It’s about harking back to 1950s Britain – when people knew their place, especially the immigrants, or non-whites or those from the colonies. The post-Brexit desire to revive the Commonwealth should also be seen in that light, not in terms of rekindling old friendships."

The full article, hosted on Discover Society, is available here.

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