Blog Entry First Person: 'Do we need a new runway at Heathrow? We need two. And that's just for starters'
Dr Simon Bennett discusses the need for more runways at UK airports
Blog Entry Has Indonesia been weighed, measured and found wanting?
Politics and International Relations PhD student Puguh Sadadi writes about Indonesia for The Malaysian Insider
Blog Entry Cameron’s ‘sink estate’ strategy comes at a human cost
Professor Loretta Lees discusses Cameron's plans to demolish council estates
Blog Entry Europe wades into debate over Poland’s constitutional crisis
Dr Simona Guerra discusses Polish prime minister Beata Szydło's summoning to the European Parliament to defend her government
Blog Entry Is Trident safe from cyber attack?
Dr Andrew Futter discusses challenges presented to UK nuclear weapons
Blog Entry We need to get beyond ‘struggles, strikes and strife’
David Coats discusses trade unions and how they have changed over time
Blog Entry Here’s why the UK should make it illegal to pay for sex
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses how the introduction of a Sex Buyer Law would fundamentally change the nation’s approach to the 'oldest profession'
Blog Entry No, Russia isn’t weaponising refugees
In an article for Spiked-Online, Dr Tara McCormack suggests the EU's problems have nothing to do with Putin
Blog Entry Life at work: why being a member of the EU matters
Researchers from the Schools of Law and Management discuss employment rights for workers in the UK as a member of the EU
Blog Entry Opinion: In The South Africa-Nigeria Rivalry, South Africa Is Winning
James Hamill discusses political tensions between South Africa and Nigeria
Blog Entry Why Trump is such a divisive political figure
Dr Simon Bennett discusses the recent protest against Donald Trump in Chicago and Trump's response
Blog Entry ICC’s Bemba ruling is a landmark, but falls short of a big leap
Dr Yassin Brunger discusses the recent landmark Bemba conviction
Blog Entry Obama goes to Havana
Tara McCormack discusses how relations between Cuba and the US are improving
Blog Entry Explainer: how the EU proposes to change its asylum laws
Professor Bernard Ryan discusses possible policies to reform the EU's migration framework
Blog Entry Beyond hashtags: how a new wave of digital activists is changing society
Dr Athina Karatzogianni discusses how smartphones and the internet have changed the way political events, protests and movements are organised
Blog Entry Why hard left is a threat to Labour Party
Dr Simon Bennett discusses how Ed Miliband’s £3 membership gimmick opened the door to a new generation of extremists
Blog Entry The Polish Catholic Church has become intertwined with Euroscepticism and the promotion of conservative 'national values'
Simona Guerra explores the government’s relationship with the Polish Church and its role in fuelling religious Euroscepticism and supporting draconian abortion laws
Blog Entry Rock in a hard place: what the EU referendum means for Gibraltar
Chris Grocott discusses how leaving the EU would be disastrous for the local economy of Gibraltar
Blog Entry Brexit briefing: impact on Common Travel Area and the Irish
Professor Bernard Ryan discusses the implications of UK withdrawal for immigration policy and nationality law: Irish aspects
Blog Entry Why we shouldn’t dismiss Bilderberg conspiracies so lightly
Professor Martin Parker discusses private meetings and conspiracy theories
Blog Entry Brexit and Borders: Schengen, Frontex and the UK
Professor Bernard Ryan discusses the relationship of the UK to the framework of immigration control at EU borders
Blog Entry The case for ‘remain’ in the EU referendum – my view as the director of a €1.5 million European funded research project in History
Professor Clare Anderson discusses some of the positive benefits of EU membership and how it is vital in securing our influence across Europe and all over the world
Blog Entry As international law goes, the EU is a model of accountability and democracy
Professor Katja Ziegler discusses how the EU needs to continue to provide a model of international cooperation in the future - and for that it needs to be developed, not trashed
Blog Entry To remain – why this is important for UK medical sciences
Professor Andrew Tobin discusses some of the benefits to UK medical sciences by being part of the European Union
Blog Entry Slumming it: how tourism is putting the world’s poorest places on the map
Dr Fabian Frenzel discusses how slum tourism is growing around the world
Blog Entry Gibraltar voted to remain in the EU, so where next for the Rock?
Dr Chris Grocott discusses the future of Gibraltar following the EU referendum
Blog Entry Brexit: what Europe must do to avoid losing more member states
Dr Simona Guerra discusses attitudes towards the EU
Blog Entry Post-Brexit Hate: Why is it happening and what can we do about it?
Professor Neil Chakraborti and Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy from the Centre for Hate Studies discuss recent hate crimes following the EU referendum
Blog Entry Four lessons from Chilcot and the Iraq War
Dr Robert Dover highlights what the Chilcot report is likely to cover and its significance
Blog Entry The double-edged sword: US nuclear command and control modernization
Dr Andrew Futter discusses how the nuclear command and control apparatus is now undergoing a comprehensive upgrade
Blog Entry Tony Blair is right: Prime Ministers must be allowed to take difficult decisions
Dr Robert Dover discusses the aftermath of the Chilcot report
Blog Entry The Chilcot Report: An Intelligence Studies Perspective
Dr David Strachan-Morris outlines how the Iraq war was only one of the options available - and was taken before all other options were exhausted
Blog Entry A legal war is no less lethal
Dr Helen Dexter discusses the aftermath of the Chilcot report and the legality of the Iraq war
Blog Entry 'Theresa May, Prime Minister: Encore the Iron Lady?'
Dr Rob Dover from the Department of Politics and International Relations discusses Theresa May's new position as PM and Conservative Party leader and how this is a smart choice for the country
Blog Entry Is a female PM a step forward for feminism?
Dr Jilly Boyce Kaye discusses Theresa May and if she will bring a different approach to politics
Blog Entry "The UK very poorly understands Russia's motivations and positioning"
Dr Rob Dover was interviewed by Realnoe Vremya about the absence of a manoeuvre on Al-Asaad, Theresa May and a possible 'replay' of the Referendum
Blog Entry ‘Turkish putchists didn't adhere to Machiavelli's core rule – ensure an enemy cannot come back’
Dr Rob Dover discusses the role of Russia in the reveal of the coup in the Turkish Republic, the strangeness of the rebellion and Stalin's mistakes
Blog Entry The World Youth Day is coming home
Dr Simona Guerra discusses Polish attitudes and Pope Francis's views being 'at odds' with the government
Blog Entry "We left the EU – shouldn’t we leave NATO too?"
Dr Tara McCormack from the Department of Politics and International Relations writes article for Spiked Online
Blog Entry Nuclear No First Use and President Obama’s Legacy
Dr Andrew Futter and PhD student James Johnson discuss the Obama Administration’s nuclear legacy
Blog Entry Evaluation of psychosocial intervention for children exposed to ethnic conflict in Kenya
PhD Student Elijah Getanda outlines their project investigating what helps children affected in post-conflict areas
Blog Entry The Effect of Syrian Civil War on Children’s Mental Health
Seyda Eruyar describes her journey to study at Leicester and the opportunities provided by our University
Blog Entry How to help refugee children get through the trauma of what’s happened to them
Professor Panos Vostanis discusses refugees and how there needs to be collaboration between NGOs, the state and schools to make sure that nobody gets left behind
Blog Entry What next for British border controls in Calais?
Professor Bernard Ryan discusses the admission of migrants from the Calais region to Britain
Blog Entry Digital sweatshops in disaster zones: who pays the real price for innovation?
Dr Jonathan Corpus Ong writes article for The Guardian about how local aid workers are often ignored after being recruited to humanitarian technology and communications teams, despite the insight they provide
Blog Entry "Does Boris want a war with Russia?"
Dr Tara McCormack from the Department of History, Politics and International Relations writes article for Spiked Online
Blog Entry Do MEPs want to keep ‘schlepping’ to Strasbourg?
Dr Richard Whitaker discusses how travel time influences views on the location of the European Parliament
Blog Entry "There is now radical uncertainty introduced into the international system as a result of Trump's election"
Dr Rob Dover from the School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses Trump's presidency and what this could mean for international security and intelligence affairs
Blog Entry Trump and the risks of narcissistic leadership
Professor Mark Stein discusses how Donald Trump shows signs of being a narcissistic leader - and why people have good reason to be concerned

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