Blog Entry China's cities need more babies, but one child policy still rules the provinces
Stephanie Gordon, Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Politics and International Relations, discusses how state control over births in China is being retooled and reworked rather than discontinued
Blog Entry Yemen chaos shows drones can take out key targets, but they'll never defeat terrorism
Dr Jon Moran from the Department of Politics and International Relations argues that increasingly sophisticated use of remote warfare has limited benefit in defeating terrorism
Blog Entry Confessions of a torture investigator: 'a stabbing or mass murder is the same to me'
Stuart Hamilton, a leading forensic pathologist, was on the team that investigated claims of systematic torture and the killing of 11,000 people by the Assad regime in Syria - he discusses his experience in this article for The Conversation
Blog Entry Do as we say, not as we do: UK preaches clean politics despite cash-for-influence scandals
Dr Jon Moran investigates corruption in modern politics for The Conversation
Blog Entry "The Saatchi Bill is internally inconsistent and must be scrutinised in the Commons"
Professor José Miola from the School of Law co-authors an opinion piece with David Hills where they discuss patients losing out under the Saatchi Bill
Blog Entry Air disaster media frenzy is shameful
Dr Simon Bennett examines the reporting of the crash of the Germanwings flight in the French Alps
Blog Entry Tweeting for peace? Twitter, information flows and the Ardoyne parade dispute in July 2014
Dr Paul Reilly discusses how social media can help keep the peace during contentious times
Image Figure 1
Figure 1: Tweets mentioning Ardoyne, 12th July 2014
Image Figure 2
Figure 2: Most frequently occurring words in Ardoyne sample (11-14 July 2014).
Blog Entry Trident wars are more political posturing than dawn of a nuclear-free age
Dr Andrew Futter discusses the decision the next UK government will have to face regarding the Trident nuclear weapons system and if it will need to be replaced
Blog Entry Kosovo and Bosnia: the EU’s Iraq
Dr Tara McCormack suggests that it's not just Iraq that has been destroyed by Western intervention
Blog Entry Gibraltar is keeping a close eye on the British election – but it doesn’t get a vote
Dr Chris Grocott discusses the precarious position of Gibraltar in the upcoming General Election on 7 May
Blog Entry Britain’s battered unions have new battles round the corner
Professor Melanie Simms discusses the decline of union influence in the work place
Blog Entry What is needed now to recover from the impact of Nepal’s earthquake?
Dr Nibedita S Ray-Bennett discusses how efforts must be made at a community, national and international level to facilitate recovery phases in Nepal
Blog Entry Dementia, Fitness to Plead and the Janner Case
Dr Tracey Elliott examines the legal process that applies when a defendant is deemed 'unfit to plead'
Blog Entry Electoral success and internal tensions: UKIP in the aftermath of the 2015 general election
Dr Richard Whitaker discusses the UK Independence Party's position post-election and the difficulties the party now faces
Blog Entry The Conservatives: a victory for modernisation?
Dr Philip Lynch discusses how Prime Minister David Cameron ranks as a Conservative leader - and what he may be remembered for in the future
Blog Entry The Westminster Election in Northern Ireland 2015
Stephen Hopkins discusses how the general election impacted Northern Ireland and how the 10 Unionists in Westminster have an important role to play
Blog Entry Europe is Not a Museum
The “memory boom” has left Europe littered with monuments, so much so that when we’re not actively protesting them, we look right past them, says Professor Steven Brown
Blog Entry Palmyra: Islamic State layers grief upon grief for Syrians
Professor Simon James discusses the atrocities committed by IS in destroying World Heritage sites, including Ancient Palmyra
Blog Entry Vote on kicking out Israel drags FIFA into politics it would rather avoid
John Williams discusses how Israel faces ejection from the football family of nations
Blog Entry Surprise election loss for Polish president spells trouble for governing party
Dr Simona Guerra discusses Andrzej Duda's surprise election as Poland's president
Blog Entry The Spanish local and regional elections of 24 May 2015
Professor Laura Morales and Dr Luis Ramiro discuss important signs of turbulence in the Spanish party system
Blog Entry Blatter survives – for now
John Williams discusses Sepp Blatter's re-election as FIFA president and what this means for the organisation
Blog Entry Our elections and why they are so unfair
Dr Simon Bennett from the Civil Safety and Security Unit reflects on the UK's political system in the wake of the General Election
Blog Entry To solve Britain’s productivity puzzle, try asking the workers
Professor Stephen Wood discusses Britain's current productivity problems
Blog Entry Marine Le Pen has a new right-wing group in Europe – should we be worried?
Laura MacKenzie from the Department of Politics and International Relations discusses far-right political group in Europe
Blog Entry Child protection should remove danger but children in Gaza have to live with it
Professor Panos Vostanis discusses his research into the impact of trauma on children's mental health in the Gaza Strip
Blog Entry Explainer: how European states shift responsibility for asylum claims
Professor Bernard Ryan discusses the rights of asylum seekers and issues migrants face
Blog Entry Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate with a distinct arts policy
Jack Newsinger discusses Jeremy Corbyn's stance on the Arts
Blog Entry First Person: 'China could do with a man like Jeremy Corbyn'
Dr Simon Bennett suggests that China needs someone who could question the status quo
Blog Entry Current migration levels: more than we can manage?
Dr Kelly Staples explores recent data suggesting that UK net migration has hit a record high
Blog Entry Personal stories let us know what it means to be a refugee
Dr Maria Rovisco examines the changing tone of media coverage surrounding refugees
Blog Entry First Person: 'This boycott should be scrapped now'
In an article for the Leicester Mercury, Dr Alex Korb discusses issues with council boycotts
Blog Entry Typhoon Grindr: love, liberation and post-disaster sex in the Philippines
Dr Jonathan Corpus Ong discusses sexual relations between staff and beneficiaries in humanitarian agencies
Blog Entry Thai police point the finger at Uighurs as bombing probe intensifies
Stephanie Gordon discusses the Uighurs and why many in Thailand and China are wary of them
Blog Entry 'Marginalising people because of their faith, race or ethnicity has not significantly changed'
Dr Saeeda Shah discusses controversy surrounding Nadiya Hussain's victory in the Great British Bake Off
Blog Entry The Western media have lost the plot in Syria
In an article for Spiked Dr Tara McCormack discusses western media coverage of Russian airstrikes in Syria
Blog Entry First Person: 'Scolding China in public is unlikely to work. The key is what happens in private'
Dr Jonna Nyman discusses Britain's complicated relationship with China
Blog Entry How Poland’s political landscape was redrawn overnight
Dr Simona Guerra discusses developments following Poland's parliamentary election
Blog Entry As China ends the one-child policy, what is its legacy?
Stephanie Gordon discusses changes in China to allow all couples to have two children
Blog Entry Sinai plane crash: the five most common reasons for airliner disasters
Dr Simon Bennett explores why planes crash
Blog Entry Is the Iraqi army a lost cause?
Dr Jon Moran discusses issues facing the Iraqi Army
Blog Entry Anonymous hackers could be Islamic State’s online nemesis
Dr Athina Karatzogianni discusses the 'hacktivist' group Anonymous
Blog Entry The rush to remember: Sensitivity in the memorial response to the Paris attacks
Dr Matthew Allen discusses post-conflict responses to attacks
Blog Entry Cold dark matter: Don’t wait for Papua to explode
Puguh Sadadi, a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations, has written an article for the Jakarta Post
Blog Entry How engagement on social media networks affects political communication
Dr Athina Karatzogianni discusses how social media influences the political game
Blog Entry 'Time to shape a distinctively Labour economic policy project'
David Coats discusses politics in an article in Progress
Blog Entry 2015: the year in elections
Simona Guerra discusses Poland's politics in 2015

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