Blog Entry CHIP - an important risk factor for heart attack you’ve probably never heard of
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Tom Webb and Professors Alison Goodall and Shu Ye discuss possible reasons why age is such as strong risk factor for heart disease
Blog Entry Drilling holes in the skull was never a migraine cure – here’s why it was long thought to be
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Katherine Foxhall has discussed an interesting element of medical history
Blog Entry Sleep – when is enough, enough?
In preparation for World Sleep Day (16 March), Professor Jim Horne answers the important question: are we really getting enough sleep?
Blog Entry NHS General Practice as it was in the 1980s
Professor Rodger Charlton from the Leicester Medical School discusses how General Practice has changed over the years to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS
Blog Entry Can you catch germs from a public toilet seat?
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Primrose Freestone discusses 'sit vs. squat' – the big public toilet stand-off
Blog Entry Getting to the heart of medical error and malpractice
Securing a meaningful and enduring reduction in medical error requires a cultural transformation, says Dr Simon Bennett
Blog Entry Anthill 27: Confidence
Dr Eva Krockow has contributed to The Conversation's 'The Anthill' podcast digging into the concept of 'confidence'
Blog Entry Kidney symptom questionnaire: development, content validation and relationship with quality of life
Professor Alice Smith leads new research developing questionnaire which measures the frequency and importance of the most common symptoms reported by people with kidney disease who do not need dialysis or a transplant
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