Blog Entry World Cancer Day 2017 - and a tale of three Presidents of the United States
Following World Cancer Day 2017 on 4 February, Professor Martin Dyer (pictured) discusses the ongoing fight against the disease in relation to three Presidents of the US
Blog Entry Magnesium could offer fresh hope to tinnitus sufferers
Dr Martine Hamann writes article for The Conversation on research into tinnitus
Blog Entry Are we really a sleepless society?
At the start of Brain Awareness Week 2017, Professor Jim Horne discusses modern sleep habits
Blog Entry Does a lack of sleep really make children overweight? Here’s the science
Professor Jim Horne writes article for The Conversation about how sleep has a much smaller – and only a slowly developing – impact on body weight than is often assumed
Blog Entry Pregnancy in landscape – the rise of the banner bump
PhD researcher Julia Clark discusses how stock imagery could be more imaginative in representing the vast and varied life experience of pregnancy
Blog Entry Clocking on to Sleep
Ahead of the change to British Summer Time on Sunday 26 March, Professor Jim Horne explains the effect of daylight savings on sleep and the brain
Blog Entry Comment on Public Health England investment in mental health training for schools
Dr Khalid Karim and Dr Michelle O’Reilly discuss child mental health in contemporary society and the recent announcement that Public Health England will give £200k to help secondary schools tackle these issues
Blog Entry Helping children born prematurely when they reach school
Researchers funded by Action Medical Research are designing a tool to help children who were born prematurely with maths skills – and, as Dr Sarah Clayton explains, they are looking for children, young adults and teachers to take part
Blog Entry World Alzheimer's Day: A personal testament
Our Professor of Old Age Psychiatry Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska describes impact of devastating disease
Blog Entry Menopause is not a women’s issue, at work or anywhere else
In an article for HRZone, Professor Jo Brewis, Dr Andrea Davies and Dr Jesse Matheson from the School of Business discuss the menopause transition on women’s economic participation
Blog Entry What's behind the huge increase in breast cancer rates in China?
The breast cancer rate is rising in China, and Dr Jin-Li Luo from our Department of Cancer Studies has discussed what may be behind this

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