Blog Entry Who do you think you are? Most detailed genetic map of the British Isles reveals all
Professor Mark Jobling and Dr Daniel Zadik from the Department of Genetics examine the impact of the results of the People of the British Isles (PoBI) project and what it tells us about where we come from
Blog Entry "I’ll recover from the physical pain but what about the emotional scars?"
Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy and Professor Neil Chakraborti discuss the harms of hate and the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month
Blog Entry Helping Children who Suffered Trauma across the World
Professor Panos Vostanis outlines the International Child Mental Health Trail Blazer campaign
Blog Entry Researcher discusses 'Sex in Class' documentary
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans reviews the recent documentary 'Sex in Class' and examines sex education issues
Blog Entry Should Pornography Performers Be Forced To Use Condoms?
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses issues surrounding the absence of condoms in pornography
Blog Entry Sorry Amnesty, decriminalising sex work will not protect human rights
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses issues surrounding the decriminalisation of prostitution
Blog Entry How premature children can struggle with maths - and how research can help
Action Medical Research catches up with Dr Samantha Johnson who specialises in helping children who were born prematurely. Dr Johnson is currently developing a programme to help children with maths skills that are vital for their future life chances

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