Teaching in the 21st century: what comes next?

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Terese Bird, educational designer at Leicester Medical School, University of Leicester, discusses the future of higher education, virtual reality (VR) and education apps.

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In an article for Public Sector Executive, Therese Bird has outlined a vision of the future of teaching and learning in higher education.

In the article she said: "After almost 20 years working to shape university teaching and learning with the help of technology, I believe that as the 21st century progresses, many aspects of teaching remain constant. Great teaching will continue to comprise communicating in challenging yet accessible ways, with a spirit that enthuses students to reach higher.

"And yet, with the enhancement of technology, great teaching can extend beyond the class session, beyond the university, beyond even what is normally visible. Leicester Medical School, for example, is extending its teaching in these ways as the first UK medical school to give each student an iPad to keep and bring to every class session."

Read the full article for Public Sector Executive here

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