It’s not essay mills that are doing the grinding

Posted by ap507 at May 25, 2017 03:58 PM |
Eliminating cheating services, even if it were possible, would do nothing to address students’ and universities’ lack of interest in learning, says Stuart Macdonald in an article for the Times Higher Education

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Stuart Macdonald, a visiting professor in the School of Business, has written an article for the Times Higher Education about concerns surrounding essay mills.

In the article he writes: "Notwithstanding the rejection of an amendment to the UK's Higher Education and Research Bill that would have outlawed "cheating services", political and public concern about essay mills remains at a historic high.

"Jo Johnson, the minister for universities and science, has urged universities to do more to combat their use.

"And the media have gorged on tales of student cheating, fed by fatuous surveys and the statistical concoctions of Lord Storey, the Liberal Democrat education spokesman in the House of Lords and the author of the ill-fated amendment to the bill, which passed into law last month."

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