Blog Entry For universities at least, Brexit means …?
Professor Iain Gillespie discusses how UK universities and EU funding will be affected by Brexit
Blog Entry Teaching in the 21st century: what comes next?
Terese Bird, educational designer at Leicester Medical School, University of Leicester, discusses the future of higher education, virtual reality (VR) and education apps.
Blog Entry Should students build their own degrees by studying at several universities?
Opinion piece by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Jon Scott
Blog Entry International Women’s Day: universities must work together to tackle inequality
Institutions with ideas for promoting gender equality should not keep them to themselves, says Dr Kate Williams, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality and Diversity
Blog Entry Expert opinion: Changes and cuts under Gove have brought about STEM teacher shortage
Professor Martin Barstow and Professor Chris Wilkins comment on House of Commons Education Committee report
Blog Entry Social Mobility - The supply and demand to the leading professions
Martin Perfect, Employer Relationship Manager in the University's Career Development Service, discusses initiatives to advance social mobility
Blog Entry "EU universities want to maintain a relationship with the UK"
President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle interviewed by Efficiency Exchange
Blog Entry How should universities respond when academic freedom is under threat?
UK universities may be among the most autonomous, but they need international cooperation to make their voices heard, says President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle
Blog Entry It’s not essay mills that are doing the grinding
Eliminating cheating services, even if it were possible, would do nothing to address students’ and universities’ lack of interest in learning, says Stuart Macdonald in an article for the Times Higher Education
Image Essay mill

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