Blog Entry Do Managers Make Teams Successful?
ULSB PhD student Rasim Kurdoglu considers just what we can learn from Leicester City’s lack of success this season
Blog Entry What happens when the cash disappears?
ULSB PhD student Secki Jose explores the paradoxical effects of India’s recent decision to get rid of some of its banknotes to combat corruption
Blog Entry How Kenneth Arrow Revolutionized Our Understanding Of Elections And Other Big Decisions We Make
In an article for Forbes, Professor Eyal Winter discusses the contribution of the late Kenneth Arrow to modern economic theory
Blog Entry The truth behind the ‘migrant work ethic’
Dr Ben Hopkins discusses how the “migrant work ethic” is real and measurable in an article for The Conversation
Blog Entry Is informal workplace learning always invisible?
ULSB Research Associate and graduate Dr Kath Atkinson reflects on a new report about older workers, and the assumptions it makes about their learning
Blog Entry Italy's latest bank bailout makes taxpayers the losers
Professor Panicos Demetriades quoted in Fortune article about Italy's economic problems
Blog Entry Why free university tuition doesn’t make economic sense
The reality of free university tuition is that it remains a political policy in search of an economic justification, says Professor Clive Fraser in an article for The Conversation
Blog Entry Three reasons employers need to recognise the menopause at work
University of Leicester researchers discuss how important it is that the menopause is no longer ignored
Blog Entry The Business of Bikes, and Cycling for England
Dr Charlotte Smith from our School of Business discusses tensions between amateurism and commercialism
Blog Entry The euro: helping to shape the future of Europe
At his annual state of the European Union speech last week, Jean-Claude Juncker said all countries in the EU should adopt the euro. The currency should “unite rather than divide”, the European president said. In an article for Public Finance International, Panicos Demetriades, former governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, discusses this
Blog Entry Why a no-deal Brexit doesn't even bear thinking about – let alone planning for
Professor Panicos Demetriades from our School of Business discusses Theresa May's recent suggestion of a 'no-deal' Brexit

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