Blog Entry What is the matter with management research in the UK?
Stuart Macdonald, visiting professor from the School of Management, discusses issues with attracting grants in management studies
Blog Entry How stolen treasure kick-started the Bank of England
Professor Martin Parker discusses the origin of the national institute
Blog Entry More female traders can minimise market crashes – here’s how
Dr Daniel Ladley discusses how proportion of female traders has a strong effect on market stability
Blog Entry Castaway notions: How do you get an interdisciplinary book published?
Where scholarly disciplines entangle and Daniel Defoe meets the Bank of England, Professor Martin Parker recounts, publishers fear to tread
Blog Entry ‘Lost City’ puts itself firmly on the map
In space of just a year, Leicester’s reputation has been transformed
Blog Entry Broadcasting gives women visibility but not equality
A UK broadcaster discusses the challenges of the profession with Dr Doris Ruth Eikhof from the School of Management
Blog Entry What should be done about prostitution?
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses prostitution and economist Robert Skidelsky's views that it should be completely decriminalised
Blog Entry The FOXES kicked off Leicester’s global attraction
PhD Student Inès Hassen discusses how the Leicester model could make the city a champion of globalisation
Blog Entry Is the BBC safe in Ofcom’s hands?
Professor Peter Lunt discusses how Ofcom may soon regulate the BBC - yet we know it already struggles to treat the public as citizens and not just consumers
Blog Entry Brexit repercussions will weigh heavily on the British economy
Professor Panicos Demetriades gives his initial reaction to the Brexit vote
Blog Entry Airbnb brings Olympic tourists to Rio’s poorest neighbourhoods – but will locals benefit?
Dr Fabian Frenzel discusses favela tourism and issues of gentrification
Blog Entry Consumer justice in the dock as legal system juggles competing schemes
Pablo Cortes discusses issues in the British justice system - particularly for ordinary individuals
Blog Entry Technological Myths and the Invention of Glass
Dr Chloe Duckworth from University of Leicester outlines how power and prestige drove ancient technology
Blog Entry Saffron – the most versatile and expensive spice
Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison discusses saffron and how to tell the genuine article from a fake

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