Blog Entry Delivering Sexual Harassment
Professor Jo Brewis from our School of Business explores the ways in which the gig economy is providing an insidious new means for women to be exposed to sexual harassment. When strangers know phone numbers and addresses, how safe can women be?
Blog Entry Call Me By Your Name – and why love and friendship were better understood in premodern times
In an article for The Conversation, Dr David Clark discusses how Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name offers positive messages and profoundly premodern meditations on friendship
Blog Entry Are some cultures less trusting than others?
In an article for The Conversation, Drs Eva Krockow, Andrew Colman and Briony Pulford discuss how different cultures do not necessarily differ in the amount of trust but in the type of trust that they display
Blog Entry Anthill 22: Sex
Professor Teela Sanders features in episode of The Conversation's podcast discussing the Beyond the Gaze project
Blog Entry Body beautiful: in search of 18th-century male ideal
Dr Sarah Goldsmith talks about her work which focuses on the history of masculinity and the 18th-century
Blog Entry Facebook data: why ethical reviews matter in academic research
Dr Natasha Whiteman discusses how the review process provides a forced opportunity to pause and reflect on the potential risks and challenges of research
Blog Entry Why the 2018 heatwave will not be as bad as 1976 for your fruit and vegetables
In an article for The Conversation, Professor John Martin discusses how the current heatwave is unlikely to cause the price hikes of 1976 for a number of reasons
Blog Entry Banning sex work advertising online will put sex workers in danger
In an article for The Conversation, Professor Teela Sanders discusses how sex work using the internet is safer for sex workers and easier to police – why would MPs want to change that?
Blog Entry Football’s coming home! But where is ‘home’ really for the England team?
In an article for The Conversation, John Williams discusses how every England fan in Moscow knows that that football is 'coming home', but can England really claim to be where the world's most popular sport rests its head?
Blog Entry Male-on-male erotica is hugely popular among women – an expert on sex work explains why
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Lucy Neville discusses how many women find it easier to identify with different genders in sexual scenarios
Blog Entry CBD Oil: what you need to know
In an article for The Conversation, Yewande Okuleye from our School of History, Politics and International Relations discusses cannabis, medical marijuana and CBD oil
Blog Entry With Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘smart’ clothing range, data collection has reached dystopian levels
In an article for The Independent, Dr Phoebe Moore discusses how ambassadors will be rewarded for walking past Tommy Jeans stores and how we are becoming a resource for surveillance and profit making
Blog Entry Creating Cathy: the story behind Wuthering Heights's wild heroine
In an article for The Guardian, Dr Emma Butcher discusses how a ruthless warrior queen in a childhood fantasy became the prototype for Emily Brontë’s protagonist
Blog Entry Why the mainstream media should stop giving extreme views a platform
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Chis Allen discusses how public discourse in the UK seems to be shifting to the right
Blog Entry AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons: a tale of two teams reveals the limits of franchising in English football
In an article for The Conversation, Dr John Williams discusses how there is still a place in sport that remains connected to communities
Blog Entry Working with sex workers in Nairobi
Professor Teela Sanders involved in creating skills programme for young women working in the sex industry
Blog Entry Four tips on how to get served more quickly at the pub: new research
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Emma Richardson discusses how pubgoers will know that there are some ways to get served more quickly than the other drinkers
Blog Entry Reflections on the Beyond the Gaze project
Professor Teela Sanders discusses the achievements of the ambitious three-year project
Blog Entry Music and identity in prison: Music as a technology of the self
PhD candidate Kate Herrity explores how music is utilised in strategies of coping in prison
Blog Entry Unlocking talent at HMP Leicester
PhD candidate Kate Herrity discusses how the arts can benefit prisons
Blog Entry Why UK’s working definition of Islamophobia as a ‘type of racism’ is a historic step
In an article for The Conversation, Dr Chris Allen discusses first working definition of Islamaphobia
Blog Entry Innovative DNA recovery techniques could help victims catch rapists in Kenya
In an article for The Conversation, Lisa Smith, Jon Wetton and Mark Jobling with Heather Flowe discuss a new technique to tackle violent crime
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