"I’m an emergency planner. Manchester shows we need new ways to heal"

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Civil Safety and Security Unit Associate Tutor, Lucy Easthope, has written a piece on the Manchester bombings for the Guardian
"I’m an emergency planner. Manchester shows we need new ways to heal"

Source: The Guardian; ‘I present Powerpoints on ‘recovery lessons’ from around the world – ‘I heart Stockholm; I heart Paris ... here is some wording from the USA about never giving in ...’ Photograph: Xinhua / Barcroft Images

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Lucy Easthope, an associate tutor in the Civil Safety and Security Unit within the School of Business, has written an article on the Manchester bombings for the Guardian.

In the article she says: "The “I heart” messages that appear in cities, in the wake of a terrorist attack, are not always spontaneous. The statements from local politicians, imbued with messages of resilience and defiance, emphasising that it will be “business as usual”, are carefully planned in advance.

"The vigils to show solidarity are expected now, including a pre-negotiated multi-faith element, and the UK’s ability to put its services back together in a show of strength are admired around the world.

"Yesterday I realised that the fight rhetoric has gone too far and instead what we need to do is to admit how much this hurts.

"By rushing to show that this will not break us we are also allowing a cycle to emerge; we are hit; we will stand strong; we are hit; we stand together and thus we allow our leaders to never address just how much damage is being done to our nation."

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