Hate crime experts challenge Co-op Group over its advertising

Posted by ap507 at Jul 20, 2017 11:50 AM |
Professor Neil Chakraborti quoted in Stop Funding Hate article

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Leading hate crime experts have responded to the Co-op Group’s announcement that it plans to continue its advertising partnerships with the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Sun. 

All three newspapers have been called out by the United Nations over their coverage – and the Sun and Daily Mail were last year accused of “fuelling prejudice” in a Council of Europe report on hate speech.

In its latest statement, Co-op Group acknowledges that some stories within the three newspapers “don’t sit well with our Co-op values”. It nonetheless plans to continue its partnerships with the Mail, Express and Sun while also placing a series of full page adverts in these newspapers “to highlight our belief in the importance of equality of rights, the need to campaign for social change and the importance of global solidarity”.

Responding to the Co-op’s statement, Professor Neil Chakraborti of our Centre For Hate Studies said:

"While public statements in support of social change and global solidarity are to be welcomed, the impact of those statements within particular newspapers is likely to be severely diluted by the sheer volume of sensationalist headlines which appear alongside them. The relentless demonisation of ‘others’ within those newspapers perpetuates stereotypes, drives a wedge between communities and legitimises acts of targeted hostility. At a time when all of us should be striving to do whatever we can to oppose hatred and discrimination, it is imperative that companies with proud ethical values reject associations which damage principles of openness, tolerance and equality for all."

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