Blog Entry Do we apologise too much?
Professor Stephen Wood discusses a new app that encourages people to stop saying sorry
Blog Entry The ‘shaming’ of Sunny Leone, Pornography ‘Star’
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses the recent interview between Bhupendra Chaubey and Sunny Leone, which was widely criticised on social media
Blog Entry Exploding buses and plane crashes: why stuntmen are the unsung heroes of film
Professor James Chapman discusses history's most well-known stunts
Blog Entry Fleet Foxes
John Williams discusses Leicester City's success in the Premier League - despite their low spend on players
Blog Entry It’s not Beyoncé’s job to answer every question about blackness
Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor discusses Beyoncé's performance of 'Formation' at the Superbowl and the reactions it provoked
Blog Entry Is Peter Tatchell Good for You?
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses disappointments in Tatchell's views on pornography
Blog Entry Has Claudio Ranieiri, Leicester City’s FC Manager, outfoxed his rivals?
How much credit for a string of performances, which even the most foolhardy of supporters could not have dreamed of, can be meaningfully attributed to good management? We ask the experts: management academics!
Blog Entry '​Could Leicester City's success boost Asian support for the home-town club?'
John Williams discusses how LCFC's success could increase BME support for the team
Blog Entry The legend of Johan Cruyff will live on
John Williams discusses the huge hole in the world of football left behind after the death of the great Netherlands footballer
Blog Entry 'The pros outweigh the cons in local football'
John Williams discusses fights breaking out in local football matches
Blog Entry “VIVA RANIERI!” Italian academics and football-related identities
Dr Massimo Giovanardi discusses the ‘Ranieri-effect’ and how it is being embraced by Italian academics in the East Midlands
Blog Entry ‘Bloody Fool’: Evelyn Waugh’s life as a 1920s Oxford Aesthete
Dr Barbara Cooke discusses Evelyn Waugh's autobiography
Blog Entry First Person: 'Referees deserve our support - even after Leicester City's clash with West Ham'
John Williams discusses how referees should be cut a little slack to help the game survive intact
Blog Entry The Hillsborough Inquests and a 'disgraceful, inordinate delay in justice for the 96'
John Williams discusses the Hillsborough Disaster and new revelations from the Inquest
Blog Entry Leicester City are football champions of England: I’m tearful, incredibly proud – and full of envy
John Williams discusses Leicester City Football Club's Premier League victory
Blog Entry Is City’s triumph a microcosm of what British industry should be doing?
Professor Stephen Wood discusses how management helped Leicester City seize victory in the Premier League
Blog Entry Leicester Zindabad (Long Live Leicester)
Director of the News Centre Ather Mirza discusses the coming together of cultures in adoration of Leicester City's success
Blog Entry Five things you need to know about Leicester
From location to population, Colin Hyde discusses the key things that makes Leicester the city it is
Blog Entry Leicester will experience significant knock-on effects from Leicester City's triumph
Professor Stephen Wood discusses how the feel-good factor in Leicester will have some positive impact on the economy
Blog Entry How did the miracle of Leicester City winning the Premier League happen?
'Armchair Foxes fan' Dr Paul Jenkins offers his opinion
Blog Entry Don’t panic, Mary Berry’s Bakewell tart recipe is safe!
Dr Simon Dixon discusses the closure of BBC Food and how much of its content can still be accessed through web archives
Blog Entry 'Muhammad Ali changed the way we see sport. There will never be another'
John Williams discusses the legacy left behind by the boxing heavyweight
Blog Entry First Person: '​WAGs are just fodder for tabloid slurs'
Dr Melanie Kennedy discusses how footballer Jamie Vardy's wife Becky Nicholson has been described in the media recently and why this is an issue
Blog Entry The name’s Bond, James Bond … or should it be Jane?
Professor James Chapman presents his views on the future of the James Bond franchise
Blog Entry The revenge of the street-fighting Euro-sceptics
John Williams from DICE comments on politics, hooliganism and policing at the 2016 Euro football finals in France.
Blog Entry Dismemberment in Victorian London: The Thames Torso Murders
Dr Shane McCorristine discusses some of London's notorious unsolved murder mysteries
Blog Entry England expects – perhaps too much?
John Williams discusses England's Euro 2016 loss to Iceland and mourning for national sport
Blog Entry Rooting for the underdog
John Williams featured in the latest episode of The Conversation's The Anthill podcast discussing Leicester City’s unexpected premier league win
Blog Entry Has the Olympic Games caught up with the modern world?
John Williams discusses how the Olympics still has a way to go before all athletes are treated equally
Blog Entry Desert ‘magick’ and astral bodies
Margaret Maclean discusses the cast of impossibly colourful characters in the collection of Victor Neuburg
Blog Entry 'Banning of ‘burquinis’ is a step towards depriving Muslim women of equal citizenship'
Dr Saeeda Shah from the University of Leicester highlights how traditional dress signifies empowerment and equality to Muslim women, and mentions their participation in the Rio Olympics
Blog Entry Pokémon Go! The Medieval Edition
PhD student Becky Lawton, who works on Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts with the British Library, outlines similarities between the pocket monsters in the popular franchise and the beasts of the medieval world
Blog Entry The Great Medieval Bake Off
PhD student Becky Lawton, who works on Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts with the British Library, discusses baking guilds in medieval Europe
Blog Entry ‘Hijacking’ of religious symbols by extremists intensifies rifts and tensions
Dr Saeeda Shah discusses how Islamic symbols are distorted through extremism
Blog Entry Was Helen really to blame for the Trojan War – or just a scapegoat?
Dr Jan Haywood discusses how Helen has been envisioned throughout history
Blog Entry Simple fix for England football crisis – make better coaches than Big Sam
John Williams discusses the departure of Sam Allardyce from the job of England football manager
Blog Entry The Enduring Imaginative Power of the Criminal Corpse
Professor Sarah Tarlow discusses the enduring popularity of the gibbet in Halloween paraphernalia
Blog Entry What really makes something ‘offensive’?
Dr Ranjana Das from the Department of Media, Communication and Sociology discusses her forthcoming book 'Provocative Screens'
Blog Entry Museums as sanctuaries from hate?
Robin Clarke from the School of Museum Studies discusses how museums can challenge pervasive media and stand up for the marginalised and less fortunate
Blog Entry The Casey Review on Opportunity and Integration: Re-inventing the Wheel
Dr Leah Bassel from the School of Media, Communication and Sociology writes article for Discover Society
Blog Entry Changing Patterns of Crimes Against Sex Workers
Professor Teela Sanders and Dr Rosie Campbell OBE, Department of Criminology discuss their new research project and International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on 17 December

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