Blog Entry First Person: Acts of terror generally do not produce the expected outcomes
Dr Simon Bennett discusses the aftermath of the recent killings in Charleston
Blog Entry Oral history gives a voice to the voiceless often forgotten in written records
Colin Hyde from the East Midlands Oral History Archive discusses the value of oral history in capturing unique moments in time – and the people who experienced them
Blog Entry Waterloo won, war over: the painting that captures the moment
Two centuries after the Battle of Waterloo, Professor Philip Shaw discusses the famous painting commissioned by the Duke of Wellington after he triumphed over Napoleon
Blog Entry The Politics of Language: Men and Violence Against Women
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses how the repeated victimisation of women is often ignored
Blog Entry Expert comment: Call to tighten breast augmentation procedures
Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor suggests problematic ‘boob job’ consultation process can lead some women to regret decision
Blog Entry Neo-liberalism, Masculinity and Femininity
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses Caitlyn Jenner and the Politics of Transgender
Blog Entry Let’s hope fans will be stirred rather than shaken by Anthony Horowitz’s new Bond novel
Professor James Chapman discusses acclaimed author's upcoming 007 novel 'Trigger Mortis'
Blog Entry Dancing on air? Spare a thought for freelance dancers...
To mark International Dance Day (29 April), Dr Heidi Ashton discusses the challenges many freelance dancers face, including low pay and declining working conditions
Blog Entry Sexology exhibition sets out to lay bare truths but it’s a repressed affair
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses her visit to the Institute of Sexology exhibition hosted by the Wellcome Trust
Blog Entry Why we must discuss sex, rape and porn in the classroom
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses how classroom education could change to better teach young people about issues such as pornography and rape
Blog Entry Unless we face up to our own pornography habits we can’t tackle our children’s
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans examines what society can do to tackle the 'porn phenomenon'
Blog Entry We're all related to Richard III – it's just a matter of degree
Dr Turi King examines actor Benedict Cumberbatch's relationship to Richard III
Blog Entry Why there are calls to boycott a BBC drama about the first convicts to colonise Australia
Dr Katherine Foxhall discusses issues surrounding the Jimmy McGovern’s 'Banished'
Blog Entry The End of Cinema?
In an article for Times Higher Education, Phil Kemp discusses the book 'The Death of Cinema' by André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion
Blog Entry Lean In: the stellar rise of women editors
Dr Kaitlynn Mendes discusses how gender equality is still an issue in many newsrooms across the world - although progress is being made
Blog Entry Want to stop revenge pornography? Then we need to overhaul mainstream porn
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses the challenges of combating revenge pornography
Blog Entry Changing the message about rape, one SlutWalk at a time
Dr Kaitlynn Mendes discusses the significance of the global SlutWalk movement
Blog Entry Despite many attempts, Gustave Flaubert’s tale of adultery remains resistant to adaptation
In an article for Times Higher Education, Philip Kemp discusses 'Gemma Bovery', directed by Anne Fontaine
Blog Entry First Person: Jose Mourinho, Eva Carneiro and the deeply masculinist culture of football
John Williams discusses issues of sexism still permeating football
Blog Entry Gender Differences in Grant Success
Paul Boyle, Lucy Smith, Nicola Cooper, Kate Williams and Henrietta O’Connor, University of Leicester
Blog Entry Academic opinion: 'Women are more fairly funded in the social sciences'
Authors of Nature paper comment on the outcomes of their research
Blog Entry 'Why football will always trump rugby'
John Williams discusses the nation's attitude towards rugby in comparison to football
Blog Entry Suffrage and the Bodies of Women
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans reviews the acclaimed film 'Suffragette' and how successfully it portrays feminism
Blog Entry Back to the Future: Its enduring appeal, and why it should never be remade
Dr Claire Jenkins discusses the success of the much-loved franchise and why people still enjoy it today
Blog Entry First Person: Let's reclaim the erotic from pornographers
Changes at Playboy are analysed by Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans
Blog Entry Playboy Feminism
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses how views on pornography have changed and the shifting nature of Playboy
Blog Entry Expert comment: Why do we still love James Bond?
University of Leicester Bond expert Professor James Chapman comments on the hype surrounding forthcoming film Spectre
Blog Entry Who owned the Wicked Bible?
Dr Simon Dixon discusses one of the most notorious misprints in history
Blog Entry Why Spectre is a classic James Bond movie
Professor James Chapman reviews the new 007 adventure
Blog Entry A third wave of feminism is rising – and here’s why we need to surf it now
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses modern feminism and how it can transform public life
Blog Entry And the winner of the (medieval) Bad Sex in Fiction award is …
Dr David Clark discusses medieval attitudes towards sex
Blog Entry How Leicester City saved football
John Williams discusses how football owes Leicester City a huge debt of gratitude

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