Dr Leigh Fletcher

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Senior Research Fellow; Royal Society Research Fellow

Department of Physics and Astronomy

✉ University email: leigh.fletcher@le.ac.uk

☎ University phone: 0116 252 3585

T Twitter username: @LeighFletcher

Specific area(s) of academic interest:

  • Giant planet atmospheres (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
  • Moons in the Solar System
  • Planetary exploration by spacecraft (e.g, Cassini, Juno, JUICE)
  • Ground-based professional and amateur observing of planets
  • Weather and climate in planetary atmospheres
  • Atmospheres of exoplanets

Press Releases:

Media Showcase:

Dr Fletcher's articles for The Conversation: 'It’s been a turbulent start, but Juno is now delivering spectacular insights into Jupiter' and 'NASA’s Juno arrives at Jupiter to lift cloudy veil'

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