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Welcome to the University of Leicester's Experts Guide.

Our internationally renowned academics have a wealth of expertise on a wide range of topics and current issues. From experts on alien life and football hooliganism to European politics and social media communications we pride ourselves on the breadth and variety of experience available within our academic departments.

This database hosts a variety of academics at the University who welcome enquiries from journalists. The database includes their contact information and a useful breakdown of their research interests to help journalists find the right academic for the job.

Many of our academics write regularly for Think: Leicester, the University's platform for independent opinion pieces, in response to topical news.

Featured Academic

Dr Andrew Futter




Dr Andrew Futter is Associate Professor in International Politics in the Department of History, Politics and International Relations.

He has recently written several opinion pieces on topical news, including 'Demystifying Trump's Confounding Statements About Nuclear Weapons', 'Nuclear No First Use and President Obama’s Legacy', 'Is Trident safe from cyber attack?', and 'The double-edged sword: US nuclear command and control modernization'

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