‘The Sixth Element’

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The University of Leicester’s 57th Annual Bennett Lecture on 7 March

Date and time: Monday 7 March, 6pm
Venue: Bennett Building Lecture Theatre 1
For further information contact Claire Franks on 0116 252 3933 or clf22@le.ac.uk


To be given by Andy Saunders, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester.

Carbon is fundamental to life on Earth. Not only is it an integral part of all known organisms, but it also exerts a powerful influence on the composition and thermal regulation of the atmosphere and oceans. The geological past is littered with examples where major and rapid changes of the carbon cycle are associated with mass extinctions and global oceanic anoxic events. This talk will look at the characteristics of these changes and explore a possible cause: venting of carbon from the deep Earth via catastrophic flood-basalt volcanism. It will also consider the question: does our current profligate use of hydrocarbons pose the same threat to the global environment that flood basalts did in the past?

This free lecture is open to students, staff, graduates and members of the public

Teas and coffees available from 5.30pm in the Bennett Foyer


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