‘Tackling premature children’s difficulties with Maths’

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Dr Sarah Clayton from the University of Leicester Department of Health Sciences will give a Lunchtime Lecture at Leicester Adult Education College

Date: Friday 15 April
Time: 12.30pm - 1.00pm
Venue: Leicester Adult Education College, 54 Belvoir Street


Dr Sarah Clayton, a psychologist in the Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester, will be giving a public lecture at the Leicester Adult Education College on children’s long term development following premature birth.

Sarah’s talk will discuss the lasting impact of very premature birth on children’s schooling, with a specific focus on the maths difficulties experienced by this group. Each year around 16,000 babies are born very prematurely (before 32 weeks of pregnancy) in the UK. Children born this early are at high risk of experiencing learning difficulties, particularly in mathematics.

The PRISM (Premature Infants’ Skills in Mathematics) team, based at the University of Leicester, are working together to find out more about the nature of any lasting effects children born prematurely may experience in order to develop helpful programmes to support this group of children in school. In 2012, the PRISM team carried out their first study in which they assessed the mathematics skills of 117 8-10 year old children born very prematurely, and 79 children who were born around their due-date. In her talk, Sarah will present the results of this study, as well as the plans for their new PRISM-2 follow-up study running in 2016. The PRISM-2 study will explore how the students in the original study are getting on at school now they are teenagers, and use this information to develop an innovative web-based programme for teachers to show them how best to support very premature children’s learning at school.

The Lunchtime Lecture series organised by the Graduate School and Researcher Development Team in conjunction with the Leicester Adult Education College, takes place on Fridays, 12.30pm - 1.00pm at the Leicester Adult Education College, located at 54 Belvoir Street. There is no need to book, just come along on the day.

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