City’s rocket tower to become beacon for University of Leicester students for Clearing

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Message projected onto National Space Centre to announce that ‘space is available’

Issued by University of Leicester on 15 August 2018

The University of Leicester is beaming out a message to A-level students across Leicester – and it’s 25 metres tall!

The National Space Centre, a prominent landmark in the Leicester landscape, will become a beacon for Leicester’s A-level students celebrating their results as it displays a projection inviting them to ‘launch yourself’ at the University of Leicester and reminding them that ‘space is available’ during Clearing.

The moving image will be projected on to the external structure of the 42 metre rocket tower at the National Space Centre, with the projection itself measuring around 25 metres high. The University has worked with Hawthorn Lighting from Melton Mowbray to create the massive projection.

The projection will be visible on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th August from 8:30-10pm.

Local students who have secured a place with Leicester are being encouraged to send selfies to the University’s Twitter account and the best one will win a ‘welcome’ gift from the University.

Georgina Kelly, Group Marketing Director at the University of Leicester, said: “With the University’s long history in space teaching and research, what better way of encouraging the city’s students to consider university than working with the National Space Centre, the UK’s largest attraction dedicated to space exploration and space science?

“We’re delighted that the NSC has become our ‘beacon’ for those students taking part in Clearing.”

Malika Andress, Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre, said: “With future plans to bring the University’s space research even closer to the National Space Centre, it is a fantastic time to launch yourself at Leicester. We have worked with the University for the last 20 years, before we even had a building to call home, so we are delighted that they are now using that building to inspire the next generation to take that all important giant leap.”

It follows the launch of the University of Leicester’s first major brand and recruitment campaign last week.

The space themed brand campaign celebrates the University’s campus based space research centre and their reputation in space technology, showing potential students that the University of Leicester really is the place to launch yourself into your future.

The campaign features this week on TV, cinema, social media and national press. It will run over the next six weeks.

  • Local students can submit their selfies of themselves with the projection by tweeting #Clearing2018 and #LaunchYourself
  • Leicester is the UK’s leading space city, home to the National Space Centre, Space Park Leicester and the University of Leicester’s #outofthisworld space research.


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