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Incoming Master’s student amongst the 100 Indian women awarded British Council 70th Anniversary scholarships, the first British Council scholarship programme solely for women

Issued by University of Leicester

Issue date: 25 April 2018

Image of Shruti at the ‘Inspired by India’ award ceremony available to download at:

An international student will be embarking upon a new journey at the University of Leicester as an ambassador for international investment in women scholars.

Soon-to-be Master’s student in Engineering Management at the University of Leicester Shruti Ramachandran is one of the 100 Indian women to have been awarded a British Council 70th Anniversary Scholarship.

The 70th Anniversary Scholarships mark the British Council’s 70 years in India and are the organisation’s first programme solely for women. The scholarships cover tuition fees for a one-year Master’s course in science, technology, engineering or mathematics during the 2018-19 academic year.

100 scholars will be attending 44 British universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The scholarships have been designed to offer the women the chance to work in world-class research environments and collaborate in international research teams.

This investment in women scholars supports Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s shift to women-led development and the British Council’s own focus on women and girls and Sustainable Development Goal 5. It is also part of the organisation’s drive to partner the economic growth and knowledge ambitions of States across India.

Shruti will commence studying for her Master’s in Engineering Management in September 2018.

The Master of Engineering Management MEM at the University of Leicester is specifically designed to train and develop future leaders of technological organisations and the unique challenges they face.

Shruti said: “I am very thankful to the University of Leicester for nominating me for the British Council 70th anniversary award and the British Council for seeing me as a potential candidate and entrusting me with this award.

“By getting a full tuition waver, I am now able to finance my postgraduate study by myself thereby relieving my parents from the financial burden. It has increased my confidence level and instilled a new sense of enthusiasm in me. This award has motivated me to study and work hard and not let down people who believed in me with such a prestigious award.

“My parents are very proud of me. Such awards are important to girls as it gives them a sense of independence and a chance to grow. I hope many more girls receive this scholarship and excel in life.”

Professor Jonathon Chambers FREng, Head of the Department of Engineering, said: “We will be delighted to welcome Shruti to our Department at the University of Leicester in September 2018.

“This award is testament to Shruti's previous success in her studies and the importance of developing female talent in engineering management to underpin future growth in India. She is joining a leading programme in the field and I'm sure she will have an outstanding experience in Leicester.”

British universities have been active supporters of the British Council’s 70th Anniversary Scholarships, and are keen to continue to increase the numbers of Indian students who go to the UK.

In 2017-18 there was a 27% increase in Indian student visa applications to the UK. Universities have worked with the British Council to nominate up to five candidates per institution and have offered a 10% tuition fee discount per scholar.

The scholars were the centrepiece of an Inspired by India weekend at the British Council, which saw the capital swaying to musicians from across India, as part of a year-long programme to mark its 70th year in India and to thank India for 70 inspiring years.

Alan Gemmell OBE, Director India, British Council said: “We’ve been inspired by India every day of the last 70 years– by its artists, students, and its teachers. This year we want to say thank you for 70 inspiring years. We want to share the stories of the great things we’ve done together, tell new stories, and inspire millions of young people to develop connections for the next 70 years.

“The women we’ve selected to be our 70th Anniversary Scholars will be the ambassadors for these ambitions. They’ll also be fixing global problems from climate change to drug discovery all the while building the societies we all will want to live in. We’re already inspired by them and by what we will do together.”


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