New programme of work to tackle religiously motivated hate affecting university students

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Digital training on hate crime responds to rise of hate and extremism

Issued by University of Leicester on ____

  • £36,000 from the Office for Students to support the Standing Together Against Religiously-Motivated Hate campaign
  • Growing evidence shows that levels of hate and extremism are rising across the UK and beyond
  • Leicester offers a series of new digital training programmes developed by world-leading hate crime experts providing ways to support hate crime victims and prevent hate and extremism

The University of Leicester’s award-winning video ‘The Harms of Hate’ is available to embed here:

Initiatives designed to tackle the rise of hate and extremism in the UK and beyond have received a vital boost from the Office for Students (OfS).

The University of Leicester’s Centre for Hate Studies has received £36,000 in order to support the Standing Together Against Religiously-Motivated Hate campaign, which aims to stamp out religious discrimination of any form on university campuses.

There is growing evidence to show that levels of hate and extremism are rising across the UK and beyond, causing devastation to victims and their families and spreading mistrust within communities.

Within a climate of heightened tensions and widening divisions, it is imperative that organisations across different sectors deliver effective, evidence-based responses to victims, perpetrators and wider communities.

The University of Leicester has developed a series of digital training resources which increase awareness of hate crime and its effects and shed light on what motivates people to commit hate crimes.

The modules include:

  • Engaging with diversity
  • Preventing hate and extremism
  • Supporting child victims of trauma
  • Supporting victims of hate crime 

More information about the ‘Responding to Hate and Extremism’ training is available here:

Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy from the University of Leicester’s Centre for Hate Studies said: “The funding from the Office for Students will enable us to build upon the transformative work already underway at the University by developing new and innovative ways of preventing hate and extremism, and supporting victims of hate crime within and beyond the higher education sector.”

The University of Leicester is one of eleven universities in England to receive funding for a range of projects which will strengthen and establish reporting mechanisms for students, support safe-guarding both on and off campuses and develop and sustain positive campus relations between different groups.

The projects have been developed with students, who will play an important part in their delivery. They cover a wide range of activity including training, raising awareness, digital innovation, and new approaches to prevention and reporting which are specific to tackling religious-based hate crime.

The need for higher education institutions to respond more effectively to issues of student safeguarding was highlighted in a 2016 report by the Universities UK Taskforce to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime.

The OfS Chief Executive, Nicola Dandridge, said: “All students should feel safe and supported during their time in higher education so that they can continue with their learning and realise their potential. Universities are making progress in tackling the issues of hate crime and harassment on campus, but there is much more to be done.

“With student safeguarding and wellbeing a priority for the OfS, we are delighted to fund this network of new projects to tackle these issues.  We will make sure that good practice and successful outcomes over the coming months are shared widely so that students across the country can benefit from this important initiative.”


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