University of Leicester tutor to work in refugee camps providing language support

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Academic flies to Greece to train volunteers offering English language classes

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 2 May 2017

A tutor from the University of Leicester is heading out to refugee camps in Europe in order to help with English language classes.

Aleks Palanac from the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) will be visiting northern Greece for a week in order to offer some teacher training for volunteers who offer English language classes to refugees in camps in the region.

This is part of the University of Leicester ELTU’s on-going support for asylum seekers and refugees.

Aleks already leads on local English language support for asylum seekers with Leicester City of Sanctuary and helped to organise a training event for local volunteers in March.

She said: “I'm excited to be part of this initiative, which aims to extend our on-going work with refugees. We hope that our work there will result not only in more refugees gaining access to good-quality language provision, but that this will, in turn, open new doors in terms of access to other training opportunities, the ability to communicate with others in the refugee camp who don't speak the same mother tongue and a sense that, even in their state of limbo, they can move forward in some capacity.”

Phil Horspool, Director of ELTU added: “We hope Aleks's visit will have short term benefits by offering support and resources to those teaching in refugee camps. However, we see this very much as the start of support from the University of Leicester and hope we will be able to expand this once we have a clear idea of what else is needed and how else we can help. We already work locally with asylum seekers and I strongly believe that supporting people to improve their language ability offers multiple short and long-term benefits.”


Notes to editors

Aleks heads out to Greece on Wednesday 10 May

She can be interviewed via:  0116 229 7873

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