Seminar to examine representation of ‘tween’ girls in the media

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University of Leicester free public event to take place on Friday 26 May

Issued by the University of Leicester Press Office on 22 May 2017

The controversial way in which ‘tween’ girls are represented in the media will be explored at a free public event at the University of Leicester taking place on Friday 26 May.

The seminar, titled ‘‘Happy girls are the prettiest’: Depoliticizing tween girls one t-shirt at a time’ has been organised by the Media and Gender Research Group at the University of Leicester and will be delivered by Professor Natalie Coulter from York University, Toronto.

The seminar will argue that the ‘fun’ aesthetic is woven through much of tween culture, with tween girls shown in a perpetual state of fun.

The paper will theorize the affective spaces of young tween girls in the current moment of neoliberal capitalism, to explore how the representation of fun is a political practice that legitimates the tween market and positions the ‘fun’ girl as an idealised neoliberal citizen who fetishises consumption as an apolitical site of ‘fun’.

Dr Melanie Kennedy, Lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester and organiser of the School's MediaCom Research Seminar series, said: “It’s easy to dismiss the images we see of girls everyday in adverts, catalogues and shop windows and online stores as trivial, but they are powerful and full of meaning. By taking cultural images of tweens seriously as objects of study, Natalie Coulter will reveal the ways in which we make assumptions about girls and what society expects of them.”

The free public event will take place between 3:00-4:30pm on Friday 26 May at the Bankfield House Lecture Theatre, Bankfield House, 132 New Walk, Leicester.


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