New book on protest camps to be launched at University of Leicester

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University of Leicester academics co-edit book exploring the rise of protest camps which will be launched on 7 June

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 31 May 2017 

A new book on protest camps and political activism, edited by two academics from the University of Leicester, will be launched on campus on Wednesday 7 June.

‘Protest Camps in International Context: spaces, infrastructures, and media of resistance’, co-edited by Dr Gavin Brown and Dr Fabian Frenzel from the University of Leicester, alongside Dr Anna Feigenbaum from Bournemouth University and Professor Patrick McCurdy from the University of Ottawa, draws together an international collection of authors and case studies to examine how the practice of protest camping has spread over the last decade.

The launch event on 7 June at the University of Leicester starts at 5pm in Ken Edwards Building 527 with a short introduction to the book by editors and authors, including colleagues from the University of Leicester - Dr Gavin Brown, Dr Fabian Frenzel, Dr Adam Barker and Dr Claire English.

Since the pro-democracy gatherings of the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement in 2011, protest camps have been prominent in many recent expressions of contentious politics, covering a diverse range of demands for social change. 

The new book presents international and interdisciplinary case studies from five continents and is the first collection to focus on protest camps as a unique organisational form that transcends the context and histories of specific social movements. 

Protest Camps in International Context builds on a cross-departmental research collaboration between the Department of Geography and the School of Business at the University of Leicester, dating back to 2012 when an initial research seminar was organised by Dr Brown and Dr Frenzel with funding from the Department of Geography and the School of Business.

Dr Brown, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Leicester, said: “Whether they are erected in a park in Istanbul or a street in Mexico City, the significance of political encampments rests in their position as distinctive spaces, where people come together to imagine alternative ways of organising society and the world.

“The interdisciplinary natures of this collection helps examine and understand the multiple different ways in which protest camps are assembled, take form, occupy space, function, and communicate their political message.” 

Dr Frenzel, lecturer in organisation in the University of Leicester’s School of Business, said: “One of the key contributions of this book is an exploration of the links and similarities between contentious protest camps and other forms of informal settlement and encampments. Unlike other forms of political protest, as a result of their long-term, emplaced nature, protest camps are forced to address questions of shelter, sustenance, and sanitation.

“The book also contains a chapter by Adam Barker, a former PhD student in Geography at Leicester, now a post-doctoral researcher in History, and a chapter by Claire English, a graduate teaching assistant in the School of Business.”

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Protest Camps in International Context: spaces, infrastructures, and media of resistance was published by Policy Press on 29 March price £75. It is available at 20% discount from their website or 35% discount if you join their mailing list.


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