University of Leicester investment in research talent at the cutting edge of science

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New research studentships for the College of Science and Engineering in exciting and emerging subject areas announced

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 23 March 2017

Fresh investment into postgraduate research at the University of Leicester will nurture a cohort of scientists with expert knowledge and advanced skills, developed through investigating current problems and new developments in science and technology.

The University's College of Science and Engineering has invested almost £1.5 million over the next three years in a programme of scholarship funding that will enable talented postgraduate researchers to generate new insights and solutions to some of the most advanced challenges in modern science.

Among the research projects available are topics as diverse as algorithms for the automatic detection of landmines, observing the universe’s most energetic explosions with the world’s best gamma ray facility, new chemical processes that could improve rechargeable battery life for electric vehicles, investigating the geography of cryptospace and the world of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and how biological signals could be used to define the base of a new Anthropocene geological epoch.

The College of Science and Engineering offers a dynamic, modern environment for postgraduate research and to build on that is investing heavily in a programme of PhD research studentships for burgeoning talent. This year’s investment will fund over 40 projects across the range of disciplines in the College conducting research at the cutting edge.

Professor Mark Purnell, College Research Director, said: “We believe that universities have a unique and critical role in advancing knowledge and helping to overcome major challenges faced by society.

“This is an exciting time in science, with new opportunities for research into fresh areas of discovery opening up all the time. It is vital the we train the next generation of researchers to work at the cutting edge of today’s and tomorrow’s science, and why we are investing in that future talent right now.

“We’re seeking the sharpest minds to join us in pushing the boundaries of understanding and knowledge. Successful applicants will receive financial backing and the support of an inclusive and collaborative research culture - enabling them to realise their potential.”

Currently advertised projects include more than 60 eligible for funding through a new College of Science and Engineering PhD scheme. For details of how to apply go to:

A new scheme funding PhDs linked to the Institute for Space and Earth Observation will be advertised in the near future.

Additionally, the College supports doctoral training through the NERC CENTA and EPSRC IMPACT training partnerships.

The closing date for the currently open PhD scheme is noon (UK time) on 10 April 2017. Details of new postgraduate studentships will be available soon.


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