Faith in medication film for national award

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Video shows faith-based approaches to animal-derived ingredients in medications

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office 28 March 2017

Images from the film are available here:

The full ‘Faith in Medication’ film is available here:

A film made by the University of Leicester has been nominated for a national award.

‘Faith in Medication’ was produced to support an online learning module, written by a consultant psychiatrist Dr Waqqas Khokhar and two University of Leicester medical students, to be published on CPD Online, the e-learning resource for mental health professionals from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The video aims to promote an important social message not only for the University’s local community but also nationally and internationally.

In the video, five religious representatives based in Leicester discuss the approaches of different faiths to the issue of animal-derived ingredients in medications.The video humanises the strength of feeling that can surround this issue and the impact it can have on the patient’s mental wellbeing if a healthcare profession isn’t sensitive to these beliefs.

Carl Vivian, the award-winning videographer behind the Richard III discovery and identification videos, said: “All the interviewees and locations were welcoming and the sense of support they give to their local communities was really quite energizing. In a time when it’s all too easy to pick on the differences between communities it’s nice to see that there are many things everyone seems to agree on.

“I really enjoyed visiting religious houses in Leicester and learning about different faiths. I feel the final video is enormously powerful and really shows why these issues are so important to our communities. It shows that a positive bedside manner and a good understanding of the community that a healthcare professional finds themselves in can be as important as their medical knowledge.”

“The fact that the video has been recognized with a nomination for a Learning on Screen award shows just how powerful the video is and I’m proud that the University of Leicester is willing to support issues like this.”

All the winners will be announced on 27 April 2017 at the BFI Southbank in London.

Learning on Screen Awards 2017 (Nominations) – General In-House Production Award

Directed by Carl Vivian Produced by David Kloecker and Ajay Mistry

More information about the award is available here:


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