Dedication event for new music-themed sculpture will be held at the University of Leicester

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Stainless steel construction by John Sydney Carter will be officially unveiled on 31 March

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 29 March 2017

Media opportunity, Friday 31 March from 12.30pm – 1pm in the public square, University of Leicester main campus: media are invited to film/photograph the unveiling of ‘Adagio’, where its donor and the artist will be present. For more information contact Laura Woodhouse on

Photographs of Adrian Weston, John Sydney Carter and ‘Adagio’ are available to download at:

A dedication event for a new sculpture is to be held on the University of Leicester’s new public communal square.

The sculpture ‘Adagio’ will be officially revealed by artist Mr John Sydney Carter and its donor Dr Adrian Weston MBE in a ceremony at the University of Leicester on Friday 31st March at 12.30pm-1.00pm.

The dedication event will be presided over by University of Leicester President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Boyle CBE, who will be accompanied by Dr Weston’s invited guests and members of the University’s Council.

‘Adagio’, the Italian for "slowly", refers to a tempo instruction in music notation. The polished stainless steel construction mirrors the curved contours of a brass instrument such as the saxophone, adorned with bold shapes that suggest the keys of a woodwind instrument such as a flute or clarinet, or even the staves and crotchets of music notation.

Standing three metres high on the University’s new public central square next to the Fielding Johnson Building, its connotations of musicality and performance are meant to work in harmony with the adjacent Percy Gee Building, home to so many musical events held at the University down the years.

The sculpture has been given to the University in memory of Bridget Weston by her husband Adrian, who is a former member of the University’s governing body, Council, and both an honorary graduate and Distinguished Honorary Fellow of the University.

It echoes an earlier work by Mr Carter, ‘Concerto’, which greets visitors to De Montfort Hall, next to the University campus.

Mr Weston said: “My wife, Bridget, and I had been associated with the University for a number of years prior to her death in 2014. In particular she supported Professor Robert Burgess in his efforts to provide sculpture on various parts of the campus. In this connection she became friendly with the creator of ‘Adagio’, John Sydney Carter.

“It is therefore very appropriate for me to pay for ‘Adagio’ in memory of Bridget. I am sure that she would be delighted that John has created ‘Adagio’ for her.

“Bridget had a keen interest in art, for which she had a fine eye. She was in fact a good watercolourist herself, specialising in botanical paintings, and loved music.”

Mr John Sydney Carter has a long connection with the University as a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University in 2008 and being involved in the ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ exhibitions at the Botanic Garden. Mr Carter is also the artist behind the ‘Atomica’ sculpture, which can be found in the University’s Henry Wellcome Building, as well as ‘Vortex’, which is installed outside the same building.

Mr Carter said: “Adrian Weston, who was a Trustee of the Friends of New Walk, had been the instigator, and his wife Bridget, had visited my studios on a number of occasions. He liked the work that I created, and it was when Bridget died that Adrian, who had seen all the original designs, asked me to create a new music sculpture ‘Adagio’. Working from the original two dimensional designs, I started by making a full size mock up in order to work out all the complexities of the forms. When this was completed, a series of drawings were made in order to plan the final sculpture which was completely constructed from polished stainless steel.”

Michaela Butter, Director of the University’s Attenborough Arts Centre, said: “More and more it is being recognised that the arts add value to creating a sense of place and identity. We are grateful to Mr Weston for his generous gift to the University.”


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For more information contact Laura Woodhouse on

Oration for Adrian Weston, 2009:

Oration for John Sydney Carter, 2008:

Biography for John Sydney Carter

John Carter originally studied at the Leicester College of Art and Design and later at the Frink School of Sculpture where he was made a Fellow. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and holds an Hon D. Litt from the University of Leicester. His public art can be seen outside the Anglo American Building at Carlton Terrace in London (Two Waves) and at the Henry Wellcome Building in Leicester (Atomica and Vortex) as in many other locations. He has recently had a number of sculptures on display in the Fellows Garden at Clare Hall Cambridge where he has made a permanent piece “Triangulum” also in stainless steel.  Johns involvement with the University includes creating sculptures for the Henry Wellcome building “Atomica” and “Vortex”. “Scissor Form” in the Wilson Building, “Waveform” in the botanic gardens and he has created for the University four years of sculptures in the gardens which have been viewed by over 30,000 visitors.

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