LLEP takes a taste of Leicestershire to Parliament

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The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) is taking the Leicestershire food and drink sector to the House of Commons this Wednesday (12th October).

Issued by the LLEP on 10 October

Ten Leicestershire food and drink businesses and the University of Leicester will be accompanying the LLEP to London to demonstrate innovation and diversity of food and drink manufacturing in Leicestershire.

The day at the House of Commons will start with an exhibition, entitled 'The Global Flavours of Leicestershire'. This will be followed in the afternoon by a debate with MPs, businesses and the education sector about the skills and resources challenges faced by the sector.

As well as sampling traditional locally-produced products such as Long Clawson cheese and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, the LLEP hopes that Ministers and MPs will be inspired by the extensive innovation and diversity of food and drink manufacturing in Leicestershire.

Nick Pulley, Chair of the LLEP said, “Nationally, Food and Drink is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, with an annual turnover of £95.4bn. The sector is of vital strategic importance to the UK economy and is one of the largest sectors for employment, particularly in the low-skilled or unskilled areas.

“Across Leicester and Leicestershire there are some 200 Food & Drink companies, employing for around 12,000 jobs. The sector contributes around £600m to our local economy each year.

“All the businesses coming to London have an interesting story to tell, whether this is a unique innovation in their manufacturing processes or products, how they have managed get their products - particularly ethnic-based food and drink into major supermarket chains or exporting successes.


The following businesses, representing a range of large, small to medium and micro businesses from across Leicester and Leicestershire are going to the House of Commons on Wednesday:

• Cofresh

• Farsan Foods

• Langton Brewery

• Northfield Farm

• Everards Brewery

• Long Clawson Dairies

• Samworth Brothers

• Royal Chai

• Shelton’s Coffee

• Melt'on Ice Cream

• Just Egg

• Union Distillers

• University of Leicester

Just Egg– a company that supplies hard boiled eggs and egg mayonnaise - has worked with Leicester University, to develop an innovative way to re-use waste egg shells in packaging. Scientists at the University have also found that the proteins in egg shells can be helpful in the pharmaceutical industry. These waste egg shells would ordinarily have been sent to landfill sites, costing thousands of pounds each year.

Cofresh, is a business that makes Indian and healthy snack foods, has successfully managed to get its products into major supermarket chains and is interestingly now exporting its Indian snack food products back to India.

Pulley added, “These are just a couple of examples of some of the amazing, pioneering developments in the sector in Leicestershire - and it is all very understated. We want to show Government just what brilliant innovations are happening in this sector in the LLEP area.”

For more information visit www.llep.org.uk/HOC

Notes to Editors

About the LLEP

The LLEP is a strategic body established to drive forward regeneration and growth of the local economy. The LLEP works with partners and Government to set out key investment priorities for

Leicester & Leicestershire. It also invests funding and aligns partner resources and through its investments and it influences and drives activities that ensure positive outcomes for the local economy.

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