Local children enjoy ‘making money’

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University of Leicester-based project to teach children about our number system showcased at Guildhall, Leicester until Sunday 3 July

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 27 June 2016

PHOTO OPP: Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July, 11am to 4pm Guildhall, Leicester. Contact Professor Rose Griffiths to arrange on rnag1@leicester.ac.uk

A million pounds made by children has been touring schools since last November and will be in the City centre at the Guildhall from Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July.

Hundreds of local children have drawn their own £100 notes, and thousands of these brilliant designs are piled in bundles for children (and grown-ups) to count.

The bank notes are part of a project based at the University of Leicester to help local children see how our number system is built on tens, hundreds and thousands.

Professor Rose Griffiths, from the University of Leicester School of Education, said: “The children have really enjoyed making money! There are designs from pupils aged 2 to 14, full of their ideas of what is important enough to feature on a bank note.”

The exhibition is open from 11am to 4pm each day from Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July in the Guildhall.

Visitors can make their own £100, count bundles of money, play money games and see money from around the world.

Can you fit a million pounds in a suitcase? Come and find out!



For interviews contact Professor Rose Griffiths on rnag1@leicester.ac.uk

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