Artist has a brush with success for Vardy portrait

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University of Leicester porter Megan McMullan reveals hidden talent as she celebrates Leicester City's awe-inspiring season

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 14 June 2016

Photographs of Megan McMullan working on the Vardy portrait available to download from:

You can watch a time-lapse video of Megan painting at:

University of Leicester porter Megan McMullan has an amazing artistic talent which is beginning to get her noticed.

The 26-year-old, from Stocking Farm, in the city, is one of the campus's dedicated support staff by day – but when she get home after a shift her creativity takes over and she indulges in her true passion... painting.

In tribute to Leicester City's amazing Premier League success, artist Megan wanted to recreate a well-known image of record-breaking striker Jamie Vardy holding the Barclay's Premier League trophy.

The oil on canvas artwork took her more than 40 hours, but she documented the entire process with a time-lapse video.

The footage was posted on Facebook and accrued thousands of 'likes' and plaudits in a short space of time.

The Leicester Mercury also featured her stunning painting.

Megan, who has worked at the University of Leicester since November 2014, said: “Most weeks I start work at the University at 7am and finish at 3.30pm.

“The average day in portering is probably manning the receptions, sweeping leaves, office moves, collecting rubbish, collapsing boxes, litter picking - the list goes on, but no two days are the same.

“Then I get home and I change and head straight to the studio to paint for a couple of hours.

“I probably do this three times a week, then try and get one full day in the studio at the weekend - or Saturday and Sunday if I can.”

Megan is a member of the Leicester City Ladies FC team, which is part of the reason she wanted to celebrate the Foxes astounding season.

She began work on the painting a few weeks back and finished on May 30.

Now, the LCFC fan is hoping to attract some interest in her work and sell it – and she has a very special customer in mind.

She said: “I am hoping to sell the work, and I'm hoping that Jamie Vardy will want it himself.”

Speaking about the process itself, Megan, a member of the Knighton Lane Artists' Group, said: “I mix all my colours before I start.

“From only seven colours I create around 50 to 100 colours before I start a painting adding clove oil to keep the paint wet for longer.

“I think this is going to be a one-off painting though, as I normally do portraits of people I know.”


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