University of Leicester maths student shows entrepreneurial flair with unique student tuition business

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Lois De Cordova set up ‘Student Tutors’ with help from the University’s Career Development Service

Issued by the University of Leicester Press Office on 27 July 2016

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A third year maths student at the University of Leicester has demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by setting up a successful student tuition business.

Student Tutors was set up in November 2015 by Lois De Cordova, a 20-year-old student studying Mathematics (BSc) at the University of Leicester, with help from the University’s Career Development Service.

This latest venture follows on from Lois’s first try at setting up a business, The Free Wedding Planner – a free wedding service to assist the bride and groom on their big day to ensure everything runs smoothly, which she set up when she was 19.

Student Tutors specialises in maths tuition for students studying towards their GCSE’s, A Levels and Degree.

Lois De Cordova, said: “Student Tutors is a unique tuition business in Leicester because we don’t have tuition centres; we focus on 1-to-1 tuition at our students’ homes to ensure every session is individually tailored to each of them.

“The other quality that’s unique about Student Tutors, is that all the tutors are University of Leicester students.

“As a student, I know it can be difficult to find a job that’s enjoyable and meaningful but also well-paid. Students of the University are fantastic candidates for the role, since they know the struggles of being a GCSE, A Level and Degree student. It requires effort and hard-work, but the reward of seeing your student achieve their target grade is amazing.”

Originally, Student Tutors was meant to be established as a business partnership, however after some differences in ideas, Lois decided to bite the bullet and set it up as a sole trader, and she is extremely glad she did.

She said: “I was a bit worried at first because the start-up costs were supposed to be £1,400, but I re-jiggled things around and in the end it only cost £16 to start-up. The business has had an amazing start, and hopefully things will continue that way!”

After taking initial advice from Professor Jeremy Levesley in the University’s Department of Mathematics, Lois attended business coaching meetings with Pete Hitchings through the University’s Careers Development Service which helped her get an idea of what she needed to work on in order to help the business grow.

Lois added: “Both Jeremy and Pete were really supportive and gave me some great advice in regards to advertising, legal contracts and seeing where I wanted the business to be in five years’ time.”

Professor Jeremy Levesley said: “Lois used her final year project to develop her business. In her final presentation, as she described her business, I wondered if I had enough expertise to judge someone who was so well organised, across such a wide range of business-related activities. She showed tremendous resilience during the project, with a big dose of generosity to all she worked with. I have rarely been so impressed with a project, or the all-round skills of the person completing it.”

Pete Hitchings said: “I have been really impressed with Lois's hard work and dedication to creating a high quality service.  She has established a business which helps both pupils and tutors to develop their knowledge and skills, and is now working on making it grow.  Lois's considered, professional approach and her willingness to simply give it a go should be an inspiration to other students considering starting up.”

Earlier this year, Lois was commended at the University’s Student Awards in the ‘Enterprising Student of the Year’ category for her entrepreneurial flair.

The next steps for Lois and Student Tutors includes creating a website to reach out to more potential students and schools in Leicester, and to hire more tutors for the next academic year.

There will also be a managerial role available as Lois will be moving to France in the next academic year to undertake a Masters in Finance. She said: “It’s going to be challenging running the business from abroad. But I’m confident it will continue to grow. We know what it takes to give our students the confidence, knowledge and motivation to succeed in their Maths exams, which not only gives us a competitive advantage, but also meets the unique needs of each and every one of our students.”

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