Festival turns spotlight on issues that people who are transgender are facing at home and abroad

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University of Leicester graduate chairs discussion

Issued by the University of Leicester Press Office on 7 December

Issues that people who are transgender are facing at home and abroad, and what ought to be done about the issues, will be the focus of "Transgender, at Home and Abroad", a panel event that is going to be held at the Secular Hall at 75 Humberstone Gate on December 6 as part of the 2016 Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.

Speaking at the event are: Dr Zowie Davy, a Senior Lecturer in LGBTQ Research at De Montfort University; Dr Nayia Kamenou, a Lecturer in Social Work also at De Montfort University; Paul Fitzgerald, the East Midlands Ambulance Service’s Equality and Diversity Manager; Lynne Woodward, the Leicestershire Police Head of Equality and Human Rights; and, an officer from Leicestershire Police who, earlier this year begun presenting as female at work.

As part of the event, Dr Zowie Davy will talk about legal gender recognition laws in a number of countries and about the different approaches different countries are using in order to develop social and health policies to meet the needs of people who are transgender.

Dr Nayia Kamenou will give a presentation on the institutionalisation of Trans discrimination in Cyprus and how the Greek-Cypriot trans community is responding to and dealing with institutional and social discrimination.

Paul Fitzgerald will talk about the contact the ambulance service has with people who are transgender and the guidelines that have been produced for frontline staff.

Lynne Woodward will give an overview on Leicestershire Police and transgender issues, and the officer from Leicestershire Police will give her personal experience of her journey.

The speakers will also take part in a discussion and question and answer session with those present on the issues raised.

The event starts at 6.30pm and will be chaired by Mirjam Twigt, an interdisciplinary Sociology / Media and Communication PhD candidate and Graduate Research Assistant (Media and Communication) at the University of Leicester.

Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival organiser, Ambrose Musiyiwa said: "'Transgender, at Home and Abroad' is a very broad topic. It is because the topic is broad that we sought to have it as a panel event because this will give an idea of the breadth of the topic, the issues that are inherent in it, and how people at home and abroad are responding to or trying to deal with the issues. 

"We are also imagining the event as the start of a conversation that we will build on through future events and festivals."

Mirjam Twigt, event chair said: "The event will, among other things, provide us with an excellent opportunity to look at how we can create and secure, inclusive spaces for people who are transgender, here and elsewhere." 


[1] For more information, contact Ambrose Musiyiwa at email address: <amusiyiwa@googlemail.com>

[2] The programme for the 2016 Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival is accessible on the festival's blog <https://hraffl.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/the-2016-leicester-human-rights-arts-and-film-festival/> and Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/HRAFFL/posts/902676096489692>. 

[3] Now in its third consecutive year, The Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival aims to draw attention to human rights issues at home and abroad by facilitating a series of events that are free and open to all. It also aims to draw attention to Human Rights Day which is celebrated annually, across the world, on December 10.

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