Science as King: Oxford Professor to discuss the role of science in human existence

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University of Leicester graduate Professor Peter Atkins to speak at the University of Leicester on Tuesday 17 November

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 13 November 2015

An Oxford Professor is returning to his alma mater to discuss the great questions of what it means to exist and how science can shed light on the unknown at a free public lecture at the University of Leicester on Tuesday 17 November.

During the event, Professor Peter Atkins, who is a graduate and honorary graduate of the University of Leicester, will discuss the theory that science can deal with all matters and sets itself severe criteria of validity.

He will explore the way that science identifies and illuminates the great questions of existence – and while some questions currently remain unanswered, science may one day shed light on them.

The lecture is organised by the University of Leicester’s Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society and will contribute to the debate about the questions of existence.

Ryan Smith, President of the Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society, said: “We are delighted to welcome Professor Atkins back to the University of Leicester for this lecture. Professor Atkins’s topic is of great significance to us all. Its challenge is to how we think and investigate our surroundings, with profound implications for our professional and personal lives.”

Professor Atkins is a Fellow and former professor of physical chemistry at Lincoln College, Oxford, and a former member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has taught at and received honorary doctorates from universities in the UK, US, Netherlands and Russia; and has been a visiting professor at universities worldwide.

Atkins is a prolific author of over 70 academic and popular science books, including the staple textbook of chemistry degrees throughout the world, Atkins’ Physical Chemistry. His research has been used in the application of quantum mechanics to chemical problems and theoretical aspects of magnetic resonance.

The event, ‘Science as King’, will begin at 5:00pm on Tuesday 17 November, 2015, in Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3. It is a free lecture and will be open to the public.

To RSVP for the lecture, email or indicate your attendance on the Facebook event page by searching ‘Science as King – Prof. Peter Atkins’.


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