Science and religion: Two different schools of thought discuss a fundamental feature of both disciplines– the subject of light

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‘Light... the interface between science and religion’ on 18 November at the University of Leicester will explore how light is integral to both views and will discuss the different ways it is interpreted

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 12 November 2015

  • Speakers include physicist Dr Gillian Butcher and the Chaplain to International Students, Revd Jane Micklethwaite.
  • Faith leaders from a ‘spectrum’ of religions will also talk about how they view light from the basis of their own religion.
  • The free event including a buffet takes place on Wednesday 18 November at The Gatehouse Chaplaincy Centre, University Rd from 5.30pm – 8.00pm

An event which examines the relationship between science and religion and their alternative views on the subject of light will take place at the University of Leicester later this month.

Throughout history, religion, science and philosophy had been intertwined until a new period of Enlightenment in the 18th century challenged the way mankind thought about the Universe and everything in it.

Since then interpretations of God and creation have taken different paths, by those who look to religion and those who look to science.

However, a talk at the University is aiming to show that there is space for both camps and will invite scientists and religious leaders to talk about their understanding of light – whether it be grounded in physics or theology.

Dr Butcher, a practising Christian and physicist, and organiser of the event, said: “Light was the first topic I studied in physics and which I immediately loved. As a Christian I have been interested in the way the concept of light is used throughout the Bible and in rites and festivals, which I realised was not just confined to Christianity but more widely amongst other religions.

“With the term the Enlightenment being used for that period of history which incorporates the scientific revolution and with this year being the International Year of Light (IYL2015) I thought it would be great to combine the topics, to explore how and why light has become integral to science and religion.”

Faith leaders due to talk at the event include George Ballentyne (Baha’i), Jim Strupish (Buddhist), Ramesh Majithia, (Hindu), Daljit Makan(Sikh) and Jane Micklethwaite (Christian).

Revd Canon Dr Stephen Foster, Coordinating Chaplain and Secretary of the World Faiths Advisory Group said: “The bringing together of a fundamental concept in a way which amongst friends positively describes the scientific nature of Light and how that is perceived theologically in an interfaith way is a great opportunity, which I hope will be the first of many such events hosted by the Chaplaincy for the good of the institution.”

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