University of Leicester research scientist to join nationwide quality improvement initiative

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Dr Diane Ketley in founding cohort for the Q initiative run by the Health Foundation and NHS England

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 23 June 2015

A University of Leicester research scientist is among the founding members of a new initiative to improve the quality of care for patients in the NHS.

Dr Diane Ketley, Senior Research Scientist with the SAPPHIRE (Social science APPlied to Healthcare Improvement REsearch) Group at the University of Leicester, has been selected to join the Q initiative, run by independent health care charity the Health Foundation together with NHS England.

The initiative, which connects people dedicated to improving the quality of care across the UK, will make it easier for people from all parts of the health system with expertise in quality improvement to share ideas, enhance their skills and introduce changes to make care better for patients.

The founding cohort of Q includes front-line clinicians, managers, researchers, policy makers and patient leaders.

Diane will join the first participants, who will design, refine and test Q during 2015. The initiative will then launch more widely in 2016, with an aim to recruit 5,000 participants by 2020.

Diane originally trained and worked as a pharmacist, and has always had a keen interest in the interface between evidence and practice. Prior to joining SAPPHIRE, Diane led the Research into Practice Team at the NHS Modernisation Agency before being appointed Head of Research and Evaluation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. She is now involved in setting up the Leicestershire Improvement, Innovation and Patient Safety Unit (LIIPS) and is funded in this research by the Wellcome Trust.

LIIPS aims to facilitate improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by connecting people across health and academia with expertise and passion in the practice and science of improvement.

Diane said: “I am thrilled to be a member of the founding cohort and look forward to helping shape the Q initiative and gaining learning and contacts to bring back to LIIPS.”

Penny Pereira, Assistant Director of Strategy at the Health Foundation, comments: “We want to ensure the design of Q meets the needs of those working to improve care in the NHS. The overall ambition is to make sure organisations are easily able to tap into the best ideas from across the UK and beyond.”

Dr Mike Durkin, Director of Patient Safety at NHS England, comments: “Q will boost the skills of its individual participants, but also encourage a nurturing of talent and sharing of innovation and passion that will be vital as we build the capacity and capability of quality and safety improvement science across the NHS.”

More information about the SAPPHIRE Group can be found here:


Notes to Editors

  • Q began as an initiative to recruit ‘5,000 Safety Fellows’ following a recommendation of the 2013 Berwick report A promise to learn, a commitment to act. Now Q is carrying forward the vision to embed continual learning and improvement in the NHS.
  • The Health Foundation’s involvement and funding of Q means the initiative is expanding beyond England to connect expertise across the UK. Q is also expanding beyond its original remit of patient safety, to incorporate improvement in all domains of quality.
  • Together the Health Foundation and NHS England have committed nearly £2m of initial funding to launch the initiative.

About the Health Foundation

The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to improve the quality of health care in the UK. We are here to support people working in health care practice and policy to make lasting improvements to health services. We carry out research and in-depth policy analysis, run improvement programmes to put ideas into practice in the NHS, support and develop leaders and share evidence to encourage wider change. We want the UK to have a health care system of the highest possible quality – safe, effective, person-centred, timely, efficient and equitable.

About NHS England

NHS England is the national commissioning body for the NHS in England. It exists to create the culture and conditions for high quality health and care services, including safe health care, for all, now and for future generations and ensure that valuable public resources are used effectively to get the best outcomes for individuals, communities and society.

NHS England works as direct commissioners of some types of health care (including primary care and specialised commissioning), assurers of Clinical Commissioning Groups commissioning of other services (including secondary care) and as a key player within the wider health and social care system.

NHS England also works to develop and deliver the future shape of the English health care system in collaboration with its partners.

About the Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health. We support bright minds in science, the humanities and the social sciences, as well as education, public engagement and the application of research to medicine.

Our investment portfolio gives us the independence to support such transformative work as the sequencing and understanding of the human genome, research that established front-line drugs for malaria, and Wellcome Collection, our free venue for the incurably curious that explores medicine, life and art.

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