Public suspicion of ‘management cheerleaders’ highlights need for change, researchers say

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University of Leicester conference to bring together experts to discuss management alternatives between 8-10 July

Issued by the University of Leicester Press Office on 2 July 2015   

Anarchism, feminism and communism are among the political philosophies that could help create a new and fairer world, management experts from the University of Leicester have suggested.

There is widespread distrust of big banks and corporations. Stories about pervasive tax avoidance, zero hours contracts and eye-watering salaries are common.

In response, over 400 academics from across the globe will be convening at the University of Leicester at a conference between 8-10 July to discuss alternative forms of management beyond neoliberalism.

Among the keynote speakers at the event are the writer and champion of worker self-management David Erdal, critical management expert Gibson Burrell, and environmental activist Vandana Shiva. They will all be criticising current dogma management and exploring alternatives.

Professor Martin Parker Director of Research for the University of Leicester’s School of Management said: “For well over a decade now, the School of Management at Leicester has been recognised for its unusual approach to Management research. Many ordinary people are suspicious about the cheerleaders for management – whether they be Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, bankers crying crocodile tears or corporations which claim to care about the environment.

“Rather than avoiding these questions, as most business schools do, we are organising a big international conference on how to do business differently. Academics from over the world will be discussing how we can organise differently, and the role that management researchers might have in helping to produce a new world.”

The conference, ‘Is there an alternative? Management after critique’, will explore alternatives to modern neoliberal market managerialism, rejecting the idea that business as usual is the only way forward.

These alternatives will be explored in practical terms of specific organisational forms and practices such as co-operatives, social movements, localism, green thinking and more.

The hope is that the work being showcased at the conference will inspire the generation of new forms of organising that show that another world is possible.

‘Is there an alternative? Management after critique’ will take place at the University of Leicester between 8-10 July.

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