The State of Concrete

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University of Leicester students perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe between 17-22 August

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 13 August 2015

A performance illustrating the untold lives of people living on a council estate, which has been produced by students from the University of Leicester, will be finding its way to the stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe between 17 and 22 August.

The State of Concrete is written by University of Leicester student Francesca Leone and directed by Dominic Dichen. The play is based on the real people Francesca grew up with in her deprived community.

Francesca said: “The State of Concrete seeks to contest the caricatures, which are so often displayed on the 6’oclock news, on Eastenders, or even in Jim Cartwright’s Road; displaying the stereotypes people see, and contrasting them with what lies underneath.

“It’s important not just to see a ‘Druggie’, but a man who looks after his elderly aunt; not just a random child on the street, but one that is fighting a battle to be what no one expects them to become: not what everyone expects.”

In The State of Concrete, the characters of the Chameleon, Student and Depressive show an audience their world through timelines that cross and those that run in parallel lines. Their naivety is contrasted with a full knowledge of what goes on in their surroundings, although they may not see the grimier details.

Dominic said: “We wanted this play to be constantly moving and scenes of estate life to be in the background to the action: the deals that go down; the gossiping neighbours; the loitering youth and the feeling of never being alone, which comes from living in such proximity.”

Francesca added: “For concrete to fit in a mould, it must exist in a state of matter which is plastic. This plastic state is every child who lives in a council estate. They each have the potential to be anything, but sometimes they get stuck in the wrong mould. The State of Concrete explores how.”

Another show, the Vatican murder mystery comedy Cardinal Sin, which has also been produced by University of Leicester students, will be performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe between 17 and 23 August.

The State of Concrete will be at the Surgeons Hall (Venue 53), Grand Theatre, from 17 – 22 August at 12:40 (lasting 75 minutes) with tickets costing £5.

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