Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at the University of Leicester

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The annual science festival in partnership with The Royal Society of Chemistry returns to Leicester on Thursday 23 April 2015

Issued by the University of Leicester Press Office 21 April 2015

60 students from 15 schools in the East Midlands will enjoy an exciting day of chemistry at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry to be held at The University of Leicester on Thursday 23 April. Each school will be represented by a team of four 11-13 year olds.

During the morning the teams will take part in a competitive, hands-on, practical activity, “The Salters’ Challenge” - “Trouble at the Salt Mine!” in which they will use their analytical chemistry skills.  In the afternoon, they will compete in the “University Challenge”, a practical activity chosen by the University, in which they will be required to create an own brand indicator using the contents of a basic chemistry set. This will be followed by a fun lecture, by Dr Corey Evans involving liquid nitrogen, screaming jelly babies, cannon fire and luminous colour changes. 

The day will end with a Prizegiving at which all participants will be given individual fun prizes and participation certificates and the winning teams will be awarded prizes for their schools.

Dr Katy McKenzie from the University of Leicester’s Department of Chemistry said: “Events like the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry are important to the Department because they allow us to showcase Chemical Sciences and present them as exciting, interesting, relevant and worth considering as the basis of a career.

“They also allow us to be more open about the work we do within the Department of Chemistry as they give us the opportunity to showcase the novel research we carry out to the wider community.”

The Salters' Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of The Salters' Institute, whose aim is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst the young, and to encourage careers in the teaching of chemistry and in the UK chemical and allied industries.

The Festival at the University of Leicester is one of a series of 49 Festivals which are taking place at Universities and Colleges throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland between March and June 2015.

The Institute is delighted to once again be working in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2015.


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